Financial institutions face constant threats to profitability due to rising business costs, increased customer expectations and fierce competition. The key is to deepen customer relationships and enhance operational efficiency while controlling costs. Our technology specialists and domain expertise give us the ability to address your varied technology and business needs — whether it is rich insight or focused implementation, immediate need or long-term strategy. Further simplifying your processes or capitalizing on emerging trends that can drive business growth, Speridian solutions substantially improve and streamline customer service while helping to reduce cost.



The success of a retail bank today depends on balancing capital availability with the need to improve customer experience levels. In this scenario, the judicious use of technology to optimize your sales and operational processes, effectively manage your distribution channels and retain your customers becomes all the more relevant. Our unique CRM, Enterprise Data Management, Business Intelligence, banking and payment solutions will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Speridian's Pay Lynxs Inc., is a global money transfer ASP. It is a highly secure, fast and reliable remittance service that hosts some of the world's largest banks, and facilitates international money remittances from the U.S. to other countries.
  • Speridian's Sesame, is an ISO certified company with rich experience in the banking vertical, having successfully delivered Core Banking Solutions to hundreds of customers including Co-operative banks with more than 950 branches.


High performance is crucial for the banking industry like never before. In a fiercely competitive environment, the only way to perform is by reducing costs and improving efficiency. Speridian's Consultants help you evolve an IT strategy tailored for your requirements. We have helped our clients by establishing a Compliance Center of Excellence to support business and IT on critical surveillance projects and by setting up a Test Center of Excellence to drive down QA costs and consolidate existing authorization systems.


Speridian uses the latest in Business Intelligence technology and advanced reporting services to serve the mortgage industry. Our analysis team works closely with clients to develop cost-effective solutions to keep up with changing market regulations and consumer trends. Credit unions and other lenders are competing in a highly charged environment; coping with a volatile market, increased competition and channel conflicts; coexisting with player consolidation, margin pressure, high wholesale funding costs, the need to innovate with risk-based credit assessment strategies and more. Speridian helps you address these challenges and emerge a winner with our flexible and dynamic solutions.


Surveys of more than 300 tax professionals showed that finding, organizing and entering tax data averaged almost 50 percent of the total time to prepare a form, start to finish, and continues to be the most critical bottleneck in preparing taxes. Speridian employees are intimately acquainted with online tax filing processes and are working closely with leaders in the field, such as H&R Block and TaxCube. We have provided our clients with smart and easy-to-use solutions for chartered accountants as well as individual users. Speridian Consultants possess an invaluable combination of industry expertise and available technology that enable tax services customers to respond in the best way possible to the challenges presented by a complex tax system.