Your next-generation Cloud services are here. Speridian is at the heart of your flexible, high-performing, secure private Cloud environment.

The remote control is in your hand when it comes to the Speridian Cloud. We empower you to design your private Cloud with technologies that increase its responsiveness and scale, deploy applications faster and more securely, and enable you to have a grip over rapidly expanding volumes of data. Our portfolio of Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) not only improves operational efficiency, it also paves the way for innovation. Speridian, an Oracle Platinum Partner, specializes in helping clients deploy Oracle Cloud CRM solutions for Sales and Service Automation as well.



Speridian Cloud helps your organization migrate to a Private Cloud environment effectively, providing end-to-end solutions. From planning to execution, we will take care of all your Cloud needs. The opportunity to reimagine your business in the Cloud is now. At Speridian, we understand Cloud, and our services can help you derive maximum value from it. Speridian Private Cloud is ideal for companies that deliver SaaS. Speridian maintains the servers, storage, network and Cloud management infrastructure, and provides customers a dashboard of full performance and monitoring tools. Private Cloud systems also overcome the hurdles of using public, off-site, shared infrastructure.
  • Collaborate more Effectively and Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Dedicated secure environments offered with Private Clouds are a perfect fit for clients with predictable hardware requirements that need high availability, stability and redundancy and must meet strict compliance standards.
  • Complete SaaS Portfolio
  • SaaS moves beyond stand-alone software functionality to become a platform for mission-critical applications. With agencies trying to do more with less and adopting an IT services approach to applications and resources, taking advantage of a private Cloud model to enable SaaS may finally open doors that IT departments have been hesitant to walk through for years.
  • Customization
  • When hosted Cloud services support many organizations, IT departments often are limited to the application configurations that the host provides. However, if applications reside in an in-house private Cloud, the agency is able to customize them.


Organizations need to be able to quickly, easily and efficiently integrate their on-premise business applications with new SaaS Cloud applications. Addressing this challenge without the complexity of adding a disparate niche Cloud integration platform has been a concern. Oracle simplifies Cloud integration by providing a unified and comprehensive solution to integrate disparate Cloud and on-premise applications. At Speridian, we are legacy system integration specialists and are well prepared to solve all your integration issues.


Speridian is an Oracle Platinum Partner with an excellent track record of implementing Oracle Cloud CRM solutions for sales, service, marketing and business intelligence.


  • Proven and Highly-Skilled/Highly-Demanded Technical Consultans
  • Scalable Workforce Strategy
  • Potential Cost Savings
  • Quick Turnaround for Urgent Needs

CMMI Level 5