Fintech solutions have become the back-bone for profitability in banks over the years. The banking domain is continuously evolving, introducing new services and business models. Sesame, powered by Speridian, has over two decades of experience in providing various FinTech solutions that cater to specific needs of individual banks.


Beacon Pro

Beacon Pro is a full-fledged, browser-based, Core Banking Solution designed with an emphasis on user friendliness. This application allows a bank to smoothly conduct its business by equipping the staff with effective internal management tools.

Beacon Ace

Beacon ACE (Analytical Control Engine) is an advanced Business Analytics Software designed to analyze, monitor and improve business performance and maximize profits. Beacon ACE seamlessly addresses all vital decision support points, enabling bankers at all levels to take best decisions. Unlike other Business Intelligence Solutions, we have endeavored to develop a unique product that can be scaled up with the growth of the Bank.


Delinkure is the perfect tool to identify, investigate, and take proactive actions to mitigate recovery risks that might otherwise lead to delinquent loans. It helps initiate the recovery process, delinking NPA from the Bank, and increasing the overall profitability of the bank.

MyBank Mobile App

MyBank is a secure mobile app that offers a wide range of banking and informational services to take care of banking needs. It will help the customer maintain a track of transactions along with account related information through their mobile. Using the MyBankMobile is as secure as using internet banking.


KIT is an Android based application which includes all necessary features to assist the purpose of collection for Agents. KIT is an Agent Collection Software which acts as an intermediary for facilitating the communication between the agent collection process and the CBS. The solution is compatible with every core banking solution allowing banks to integrate the feature into their work seamlessly.

Beacon Orbit

Beacon Orbit-Financial Inclusion Business Correspondent Solution (Beacon Orbit-FIBC) is a first-of-its-kind solution custom-built for Co-operative Banks, uniquely conceptualized and conceived by Sesame, to act as a bridge between banking services and individuals


  • Proven and Highly-Skilled/Highly-Demanded Technical Consultans
  • Scalable Workforce Strategy
  • Potential Cost Savings
  • Quick Turnaround for Urgent Needs

CMMI Level 5