As organizations change and grow, so must their enterprise applications. Rising IT budgets are a crippling problem for many organizations that can even derail them. Speridian's enterprise modernization approach renews and revitalizes IT assets to create an agile, flexible infrastructure that is more responsive to change, improves organizational performance and maintains a leading edge. Our extensive experience and rich pool of expert resources allow us to take full ownership and responsibility of the development, enhancement, maintenance and support of enterprise applications, and add value by modernizing legacy applications to new technologies with leading-edge functionality and maximum outcome.



Enterprise modernization solutions can help you cost-effectively and incrementally evolve your core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies. As a result you can leverage your existing investments, reduce maintenance costs and efforts and free up resources to deliver new business requirements and create new, innovative capabilities that help you compete. Speridian will create a standardized road map after studying your business processes. You just have to get ready to leapfrog into the winners' league.


Application modernization is an obligatory transition for all companies that wish to keep their competitive edge by ensuring the longevity of their IT systems. Modernization presupposes an ability to rapidly adapt the company's main applications to the latest technologies, and open them up to new market standards. Speridian's application modernization offers solutions to help you revitalize, modernize and extend these applications to deliver new differentiated value and realize greater return on technology investments and avoid costly rewrites.


As your business enters a rapid growth and expansion mode, you might also face the problem of legacy system integration with new technologies, Web and mobile applications, as well as in the Cloud. These systems, because of their long life span, tend to be fragile, obsolete and difficult to integrate with new Cloud and Web-based services. The established legacy systems remain in use by companies because legacy system replacement is an extensive and expensive process. Speridian specializes in legacy integration and offers best-in-class, cost-effective solutions.


Lower your cost of multiplatform application development through enterprise modernization. Speridian offers solutions that feature cross-platform integration, use System z and Linux for System z environments and enable the next generation to manage the mainframe. The goal is to simplify development across hardware and programming environments. The multiplatform solution helps to lower overall enterprise development and maintenance costs and at the same time boost developer productivity, quality and time to market. Most importantly, more system capacity is freed up for production workload usage.


  • Better understand the applications, databases and processes that run in your data center today and map out a modernization strategy for the future.
  • Reduce high infrastructure costs and streamline operations.
  • Realize new initiatives and enhance agility by re-architecting legacy applications.
  • Increase flexibility and preserve investments by transforming existing IT assets.
  • Boost productivity with modern, multiplatform integrated development environments.
  • Enhance organizational agility by leveraging a collaborative life cycle management infrastructure.