Speridian GOV CX software products are built to make it easier for governments to address community issues and give citizens the ability to be engaged..

Citizen Engagement

Engage your citizens on their channels. Leverage our Email Marketing and Social Media Engagement tools to reach and engage your citizens.

Always On Government

Speridian GOV CX has been designed to be "Always On" and robust to facilitate fast-paced technological changes and highly secured so citizens can be assured of their personal data.

Service Driven by Data and Insights

Speridian GOV CX has been configured such that it can leverage open data, big data, and provide insightful analytics and reports so agencies can deliver services the right way.


  • Portal
  • Community
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Social Engagement
  • Email Marketing
  • Agent Desktop
  • Maps

Customized Website

Our platform provides a web-facing citizen portal/website that can be configured and customized based on the 311 agencies' needs. The citizen facing website is the first part of our omni-channel platform, supporting all major modes of citizen interaction, including: web-self service, mobile self-service, web chat, email, phone, online communities, surveys, and social media.

Submit Service Requests

Our platform provides citizens the ability to submit service requests via the website or through the mobile enabled site. With interactive mapping technology, including ESRI, Google Maps, and many other interactive maps, the City 311 solution allows for enhanced and personalized self-service interactions and transactions. Citizens can then track the progress of their service request in the "Check Status" feature within the website.

FAQ's and Knowledge Article

Our platform incorporates a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and Knowledge Base foundation that enables relevant content to be incorporated into the citizens interactions regardless of channel. Knowledge articles on specific city events or services can be created quickly and efficiently and shared with your citizens or 311 agency managers easily. Life get's a lot easier when you have .

Community Forums

Our platform comes with a community forum. Community forums operate as a "Reddit-styled" forum whereby your citizens can post about relevant topics that are of interest, they can up-vote and down-vote particular articles, while agencies can moderate posts and supply information on services as requested by their citizens. 311 agencies can facilitate citizens ability to interact and collaborate through online communities moderated by municipal representatives.

Enhanced Agent Experience & Dashboard

Our platform enables agents to field inquiries across all channels and quickly deliver accurate resolutions or referrals. Our platform includes different visual layout options to best meet the respective needs of the agent. Layout can include multi-column formats, grid layouts, GIS-driven experience, wizard-like screen-by-screen intake and more.

Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

Our platform comes with social media engagement and monitoring tools, allowing your 311 agency to monitor relevant social media posts on over 3000+ social media channels. Agencies can also easily create social media campaigns with drag and drop functionality and post them to all social media channels. By harnessing information gleaned from your citizens' social media channels, 311 agencies can deliver content to targeted populations and anticipate citizen needs.

Reporting, Analytics, and Open Data

Our platform empowers internal stakeholders, including agency heads, elected officials, group-level managers and other by providing timely access to reports, business intelligence and actionable data. The platform comes standard with security features and access controls, giving specific roles actionable data limited to their departments. The data can also be made available to your citizens allowing for "Open Data" and providing greater transparency to your citizens, showing them that your government agency is committed to them.


Our platform comes with survey tools to give your agency more functionality to gauge your citizens' interest in services and see how they can be improved. Capture citizen concerns through targeted, structured surveys.