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Quality Assurance Specialist-BPO

Jan 10, 2023

Job Description

Job Role:
Quality Assurance Specialist-BPO
Work Location:
Job Responsibilities:
  • Experience in Quality Assurance in Outbound Campaign
  • Perform live call monitoring and provide trend data to the site management team. 
  • Perform daily evaluations of customer interaction departments
  • Participate in all QA meetings, training and workshops to be aligned with the team and better understand the updates and processes
  • Making and sharing daily productivity reports
  • Listening to calls and making process improvements
  • Participate and coordinate in calibration sessions
  • Call Scoring according to call evaluation
  • Provides feedback to Sales reps, team leaders, and managers
  • Conduct feedback and training sessions for reps
  • Resolve any disputes filed by reps, TLs, and/or Managers
  • Prepares and analyses internal and external quality reports for management staff review
  • Perform any other duties as assigned
  • Achieve all daily and monthly KPIs
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