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US Tax

Feb 2, 2023

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

Experience: 3 – 5 Years
 3 to 4 years of US tax preparation experience.
 Us Individual Tax forms 1040

Job Profile:

1.Regularly monitor Tax changes through IRS.Skills -1040 US Tax Filing /US Compliance
2.Tax Analyst (TA) to find the requirement first and guide the development department to implement in client software.
3.Tax QA (TQA) will test whether each of the forms corresponding to individual / business – state / federal tax returns functions in its proper manner.
4.Review the functioning of each of the related forms as per the update that are there in the respective year.
5.If there is any mismatch from its actual functioning, then the QA are supposed to write the bugs related to it.
Ones the bugs are fixed, it is retested for confirmation and this process continues to all the forms.
6.Perform UAT prior to Tax Pro’s using it for preparing the live individual / business – state / federal tax returns.
7.Responsible for all the forms and schedules of their assigned topics in 1040 and related or supporting forms.

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