Speridian Technologies is an IRS certified Software Developer and Transmitter for 1095 submissions. Speridian has operated a 1095 software as a service product for states since 2014 called the Medical Tax Reporting Service or METS. METS helps states save money and ensure accurate and efficient reporting.


Reduce processing costs and maintenance fees

METS is offered to states using a low flat per individual enrollee per year fee. No maintenance or hosting fees.

Streamline IRS reporting and Compliance

METS supports automated weekly reporting to the IRS based on intelligent business rules to know when to report changes to the IRS. METS ensures compliance with IRS reporting deadlines, rules and format.

Reduce printing costs

METS has built in business rules for intelligent 1095 processing to significantly reduce your re-printing costs, including household grouping, critical vs. non-critical changes, tax year cut off settings, and more. METS intelligence enables it to decipher changes in source data and determine reprinting needs automatically.

Hosting & Security

METS is securely hosted in our ISO 27001, SSAE16 and PCI certified data center.

Easy to implement

METS uses a single batch file from your source system pulled on a regular and flexible schedule and METS can be fully implemented and up and running in less than 8 weeks.

Data Synchronization

METS tracks any changes to source data and can be synchronized with the source system easily and quickly.

Reduce Call Center Volume

The METS full service model will redirect and reduce call center volume AND response time during peak customer service timeframes.

Improve Customer Service

The METS full service model delivers an average 1095 customer hold time of less than 4 minutes and a turnaround time of less than 3 business days for 1095 changes.

METS Product Service Models

Speridian offers 3 simple METS service models to choose from:

  • METS Basic - includes the complete product for fully automated 1095 IRS reporting, print vendor integration, and unlimited access to application views and reports.
  • METS Enhanced –includes, METS Basic, plus change processing for immediate 1095 updates and reprinting.
  • METS Full Service – includes, METS Enhanced, plus a Tier 1 full service inbound call center.

Contact us today to learn how Speridian's 1095 software as a service product, METS, can help you.

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