One-stop Shop for Siebel Mobile, Integration & Support

Boost productivity and streamline operations of your customer facing teams Mobile technology is transforming the present, and mobile applications will be the future of businesses ;especially those employing customer-intensive enterprise applications, such as Siebel CRM. Research from Gartner suggests that most organizations will be choosing Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) or packaged mobile application vendors as their primary mobile development platforms through 2012. Speridian's Mobilize is an MEAP, and can be used to mobile-enable multiple applications, leveraging a single platform.
One-stop shop for Siebel Mobile, Integration & Support Siebel CRM on mobile application includes CRM for Tablets like iPad and CRM for Smartphones. The Mobile application delivers pertinent business value, by facilitating increased productivity and efficiencies for users by enabling them with access to business systems anywhere, while ensuring revenue for your current investments. Mobilize's Siebel CRM App provides:

  • Intuitive User Interface: Mobilize for Siebel CRM is specifically designed for devices like the iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. It is a native / thick client based application, providing an easy-to-use interface.
  • Offline access: Mobilize provides offline access to Siebel CRM data. New records can be added and records can be edited offline. These updates are queued and sent to the server when your devices are connected to the internet.
  • GPS Capabilities: Mobilize provides GPS capabilities to plot device locations and provide location based services (LBS). 'Near Me' features utilize your device's GPS location to show Accounts, Contacts and other Sales / Field Service folks located near you.
  • Performance: Mobilize provides fast downloads of data to devices.
  • Siebel Version Support: Mobilize supports Siebel versions 7.8 and upwards.
  • Push Notifications: Administrators can use Mobilize's Notification framework to send messages to all devices based on user roles. These notifications serve as a broadcast system to the mobile workforce.
  • Attachments: Mobile workers can now view their Siebel attachments on a Mobile device using Speridian's Mobilize.
  • Integration: Depending on the Siebel version in use, Mobilize for Siebel CRM can be integrated by using SOAP web services, REST APIs or Enterprise Adapters.

Mobilize has been used to mobile-enable Siebel Sales, Siebel Public Sector, Siebel Field Service, Siebel Partner Relationship Management, etc. Mobilize for Siebel CRM can provide access to Customers, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Service Requests and other modules from your Siebel CRM System.
Mobilize has also been used to mobile-enable Microsoft Applications, JD Edwards, AS/ 400 legacy systems and Open Source Packages. Read more about integration with COTS here.