Engage your Customers using Mobile Channels

“An ever-expanding array of digital devices and platforms is changing the way we communicate, socialize, play, purchase and discover. This evolution of consumers' digital behavior has wide-ranging impact beyond technology, communications and media, with the potential to change how products and services are developed and delivered in the retail, financial services, and healthcare sectors.“
- from McKinsey & Company, Consumer & Shopping Insights
Today, the consumer owns multiple mobile devices ; they are seen latched on to their smartphones in transit, laptops at work, and tablets during leisure. This growing trend has fuelled the rapid growth of mobile apps. As consumers spread their computing activities across all their devices, they want each device to offer the same content and access as the others in a seamless fashion. Device fragmentation makes the seamless experience difficult to implement. Apple, Google, and Microsoft each uses a different operating system and developers have to build and maintain apps for each of these platforms separately. Tablets and their adoption among consumers add to the complexity.

These rapid evolutions in mobile technology have left the enterprise eager to extend their products and services to customers over Mobile Technology platforms. However, they face several questions, including:

  • How do I engage my consumer / customer using Mobile technology?
  • Do I offer a subset of my services using Mobile technology or the entire portfolio?
  • What additional services can be offered using Mobile technology?
  • Which mobile platforms are most used by my consumers?
  • How can I make my website mobile-friendly?
  • Mobile Apps or Mobile Web?

Speridian's Mobilize provides you with the answers for all these queries and more. Mobilize helps you to address your challenges of using mobile technology. An engaging and delightful mobile experience for your consumers can be deployed using Mobilize. Our consultants first builds an understanding of your products/services and then helps you to engage consumers by building a mobile strategy roadmap. From making the App user-friendly to providing 24 / 7 support for your mobile ecosystem, Mobilize transforms mobile devices and applications into novel avenues that lead to your customers' hearts.