Flexible and Secure Mobile Framework for Enterprise Systems

Integration done right is the key to success of Mobile Strategy However, most enterprises often lack the knowledge and skills required to address this challenge. Wireless transmission is not as reliable as transmission in the wired world. Failure could occur at several points in transit, from the mobile device to the back-end of the enterprise system. Data needs to be tracked at all these points to ensure successful delivery. Secure encryption and compression are also required for optimal performance.
Integration to enterprise back-end systems is critical to provide a 'single version of the truth'. Mobile users expect to have a comprehensive view of the data across multiple devices. These expectations of the users, combined with heterogeneous enterprise systems, pose formidable integration challenges. Data captured under spotty network coverage further complicates this challenge. Moreover, data synchronization and integrity should also be addressed in the mobile strategy. Mobilize is a robust mobile technology platform that helps you overcome all these hurdles.

  • Integration Challenges
  • Mobilize Capabilities
  • Integration to heterogeneous enterprise systems is complicated
  • Speridian's Mobilize platform is designed for Enterprise Mobility. Mobilize can handle integration end-to-end.
  • Spotty network coverage: Mobile devices and apps are also used in areas where there is little or no network coverage
  • Mobilize saves the data captured in these scenarios locally in the device. When the device comes into network coverage, Mobilize sends the request to the enterprise system.
  • Several potential points of failure from the mobile device to the back-end system
  • Mobilize tracks data at multiple points to ensure seamless delivery. Checkpoints are at: 1) Back-end System 2) Gateway / Middleware 3)Mobile Device
  • Data synchronization and integrity
  • Mobilize ensures ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties by data synchronization at the server level. Each record’s timestamp is compared before updates to ensure data integrity.
  • SOAP Web Services vs. Rest APIs vs. Enterprise Adapters
  • Mobilize recommends the right integration method based on the mobility requirements of the business. Mobilize can also take care of developing the recommended interface based on the requirements.
  • Security and Compression
  • Mobilize provides secure data transmission to mobile devices using AES symmetric encryption. Based on the architecture followed, compression methods like gzip can also be used.

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Mobilize is built on a flexible and secure framework and can be integrated with Enterprise Systems quickly

  • Connections to devices can be made in several ways: Web Services, Rest APIs or Middleware.
  • The Mobilize platform facilitates a single tool for all your mobility needs.
  • You can ensure higher ROI, by combining composite enterprise applications under an integrated mobile platform on Mobilize.