We Simplify Mobility

Mobile Ubiquity
If your laptop isn't irrelevant yet, it might be soon! Today, the world of mobility is evolving in quantum leaps. Smartphones and Tablets are being adopted rapidly by enterprises and individuals alike. These devices, coupled with powerful mobile applications, are changing the way we live and do business.
We live in an era where more preschoolers can use a mobile application than tie their shoes.
Studies sugges more people will soon use the internet via mobile than through desktops or laptops, studies suggest. Organizations across the globe are incorporating mobile technology and applications into their daily operations. The objectives for this paradigm shift are enhanced productivity, lesser paperwork and better revenue. While 70% of Fortune 500 companies are either using or planning to use iPhones, 8 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies are piloting the iPad. Mobile Payments are expected to reach $670 Billion by 2015.

Evolutions in Mobility
In 1996, Nokia launched the Nokia 9000 which gained popularity as one of the first smartphones with features such as calendar, address book, notepad and email. Research in Motion launched their first Blackberry in 1999 and the Blackberry models quickly became the smartphone of choice for the Enterprise. Blackberrys ruled the Enterprise realm until Apple came out with the iconic iPhone in 2007. iPhone and Android phones are now the most popular smartphones in the market.
These rapid evolutions have left IT organizations grappling with the complex challenges of defining a strategy for Enterprise Mobility, Integration and Security.

Speridian's Mobilize helps you build, host and manage your own mobile application or website. Our expertise lies in building the right mobile solution and integrating it with your Enterprise Systems. Whether it is for your Sales Reps accessing their leads on their smartphone, or your Field Service staff capturing data from the field, or Healthcare workers accessing medical information on-the-go, Mobilize has the solution for you.
Only Mobilize provides you a robust feature set, addressing security, integration with COTS packages like Oracle's Siebel, SAP, IBM and providing 24 / 7 support. We use the latest design principles and technology tailored to the mobile platform to develop the best solution suited for your business.