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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the U.S. Congress spins its wheels on the Affordable Care Act, benefitalign®, a revolutionary technology company connecting consumers to providers, connects more than a million consumers to health insurance. benefitalign® today announced that three major health plans have gone live with the comprehensive consumer-minded and fully integrated Oracle Siebel and benefitalign® platform: Florida-based AvMed Health Plans, serving 300,000 Floridians with a superior network of doctors, specialists and hospitals for more than 40 years; Optima Health, which provides coverage to over 450,000 members in Virginia; and theUniversity of Arizona’s Health Plans (UAHP) with more than 150,000 members.

Oracle Siebel and Speridian’s benefitalign® platforms, are offered as a comprehensive cloud-based software solution that enables online sales and marketing, and seamlessly integrates the latest technology to the advantage of both the healthcare insurance industry and the members they serve. benefitalign®, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Speridian Technologies, LLC.

“Speridian is pleased with the high-level of response to the fully integrated Oracle Siebel and benefitalign® platform,” said Girish Panicker, Chairman and CEO of Speridian Technologies. “More than ever, health insurance companies and governments are relying on cutting edge technology to help consumers manage the complexities and variables of health insurance, while supporting their bottom line. Our solution was developed at the right time, with the win-win of member-relations and cost-savings in mind.”

Powered by Speridian’s technological expertise, the benefitalign® product portfolio has become an essential tool for health plans, health insurance exchanges (HIXs), retailers and brokers to better reach and engage their members, especially as the Affordable Care Act takes form.

“AvMed was looking for a software solution to provide our members an easy-to-use and intuitive shopping experience that is consistent across all of our distribution channels,” said James M. Repp, AvMed’s senior vice president for marketing. “With the new Oracle Siebel & Speridian benefitalign® platforms, we are now set to provide more choice and personalized service to our individual and business members. This shift also allows us to continue building on our long tradition of exemplary service while helping members feel more connected and engaged.”

“Optima Health has always focused to provide user-friendly customer service for our members. We offer a broad spectrum of innovative products and service solutions designed for employers, employees and their families. Progressive plan designs encourage greater employee participation in healthcare decisions and can reduce administrative costs while improving service quality,” said John DeGruttola, SVP, Sales & Marketing at Optima Health. “Speridian’s role has been key to a successful rollout of our new sales platform using Oracle Siebel & benefitalign’s® HealthplanEngage Platform. Inclusion of this new state of the art platform into our suite of healthcare coverage and support programs will help ensure we meet our commitment to provide our customers and brokers a rich and engaging shopping experience.”

“In sync with our vision of becoming the harbinger of innovations in the healthcare realm, UAHP has been working on aligning our technology infrastructure with our rapid growth in outreach,” said James Stover, UAHP’s CEO & Senior Vice President. “The benefitalign® platform has empowered UAHP with a user-oriented Member Portal, which enables us to sell On-Exchange / Off-Exchange commercial health plan products efficiently. It also helps us to meet our business objectives by readily offering plans tailored for the Individual market, through enhanced customer support operations and quality service.”

Secure and compliant with all applicable laws and standards, benefitalign® is becoming a leading software platform for today’s fast-changing Health Insurance Marketplace. It is helping companies throughout the healthcare insurance delivery system, from advertising enrollment options to member data maintenance. Leading healthcare payors are finding peace of mind with benefitalign®’s cost-effective shop and sign-up systems and ongoing resident communication, including social media integration.

About Speridian Technologies, LLC
Speridian ( is a global information technology solutions provider with an excellent track record for designing, developing and deploying enterprise-wide, technology-enabled software solutions for clients who are leaders in their respective domains in both the public and private sectors. Speridian focuses on empowering its clients with high-quality services that translate to strategic value and operational efficiency for them. Speridian has offices in Washington, DC, Albuquerque, NM andIrvine, CA in the US, Trivandrum and Bangalore in India, and Dubai in the UAE.

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