Speridian is an Oracle Platinum Partner — the second-highest level of membership in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). The partnership recognizes our investment and excellence across the Oracle solution stack and the significant value delivered to customers around the globe. As Oracle experts, we help clients realize measurable business value from their investments through our offerings in the area of core Oracle technologies, helping prepare client enterprises to meet today's challenges and embrace tomorrow's opportunities. Working with clients in numerous geographies and industries, we provide end-to-end services that range from consulting, implementations, rollouts and upgrades to application support and maintenance.

Speridian's proven expertise in Oracle engagements empowers enterprises, so that they make informed decisions, act on opportunities and build a deeper and interactive relationship with customers. Our deep multivertical expertise has afforded Speridian a perspective from which we can approach and solve the most complex problems confronted by a wide variety of businesses. Our consultants are seasoned professionals in developing leading-edge CRM solutions for Oracle's Siebel Suite of CRM products, among others. CRM solutions streamline processes and empower businesses to leverage resources and better manage their sales, service, finance and marketing efforts. Management gains greater oversight of the business. Staff becomes more productive. Costs are controlled, and the entire customer experience is now poised to continuously reach higher levels.

We have achieved several specializations across the Oracle portfolio as well as advanced specializations that require a minimum of 50 certified implementation specialists.


Speridian has partnered with Ramco Systems aiming to sell, resell and implement their Cloud offerings. As Ramco's Business Partner, Speridian shoulders an equal ownership of their products and work closely with clients, and is also involved in all aspects of business – Demand generation, Sales, Delivery, Development or Personalization and Support. We play a vital role in the development of customized solutions for client requirements and enhance the features of the existing products using Ramco's Extension Development Kit (EDK)/Partner Development Kit (PDK).

Ramco Systems is a rapidly growing cloud enterprise software company focused on providing multi-tenanted enterprise software to corporates in the area of HCM and Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Defense and Civil Aviation, with Mobile first philosophy and In-memory based Planning and Optimization engine. At Ramco, they understand that functionality alone cannot help a product succeed in today's crowded marketplace. With utmost importance to usability, Ramco has charted out a product philosophy of MUSIC—an acronym for Mobility, User Interface, Social, In-Memory and Context-aware applications. Globally, Ramco has over 150,000 users from 1000+ customer organizations. Headquartered in Chennai (India), the company has 20 offices spread across India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and APAC.

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