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Data Analytics Solution

Converting raw data into actionable insights


Beacon Data Analytics Solution is an Analytical Control Engine which extracts data from the Core Banking Solution, presenting it in a way that facilitates informed review. With this solution, information can be pulled in from different parts of the system into an integrated data set that can be sliced, diced, and reviewed, greatly enhancing the ability to derive meaning and insight. This includes trending, profiling, historic, and predictive analysis, allowing users to analyze information in an intuitive fashion.
This powerful software does not impact operational performance of the Core Banking System in any way. However, the insight it provides lays a strong foundation for business growth and optimization.

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Beacon data analytics solution

Key Features

Beacon Data Analytics Solution helps to streamline Banking Operations. This ensures that the objectives of cost control, customer satisfaction, and overall business efficiencies can exist in harmony with a profitable business model. Included with this are Non-Performing Assets, customer behavior trending, Bank Risk Exposure, all within a 360-degree management model.

Asset Fund Composition

Provides detailed reports relating to assets and funds such as composition, trends, analysis reports, and more

Customer Analysis

Identify, view, and analyze different types of customers based on their profession, area, age group, and more

NPA Overdue Analysis

Keep track of and classify NPA based on action/repayment and other factors

Overall Performance

Overall bank performance can be tracked with reports for net margin trend, income, expenses and more

Key Performance Indicator

Compare performance metrics such as profitability and employee turnover with other banks to evaluate your position


Get target status and other relevant metrics that help gauge performance of individuals, branches, and the entire bank

Net Demand and Time Liabilities

Effectively manage cash with important updates and relevant data clearly displayed in easy to read tables

Strong Security

While being easy to use, the solution also enforces strong security protocols



next-gen technologies

Beacon Solutions in Action


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