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e-Village is a digital payment system for cash-constrained communities


With the steady march of innovations, an increasingly large percentage of the population is becoming increasingly tech savvy. The introduction of the smartphone has played a leading part in this, while also creating the desire to have all solutions at a client’s fingertips. Recognizing this evolution in behavior, Speridian introduced a mobile digital payment solution.

Speridian’s Beacon E-Village is a modern digital payment solution that facilitates easy and instant payments directly through the customer’s mobile device. Whatever the point of sale, any merchant that uses mobile pay, and who downloads the QR based application from the Google Play store, can transact business. This solution can allow entire communities to go “cash free”.

next-gen technologies

beacon e-village

Key Features


Internet and Smartphone Not Required

No smartphone? Beacon E-village works equally well with an ordinary phone service by transferring money via SMS

Immediate Money Transfer

Enables individuals to conduct real time Intra-bank transfers through cashless payments

Account Statement and Summary at Your Fingertips

Beacon E-Village provides customers with credit and debit acknowledgements, account summaries etc.

Multi Layered Transaction Security

Beacon E-village ensures that your transactions are highly secured through a two-way verification protocol

Multiple Modes of Payment

Customer Payments can be made via QR code scanning (for smartphone users), and OTP (for landline phone users)

Available in Various Languages

Beacon E-village is a Multilingual solution. Thus, a non-English speaking person can conveniently use this solution

Compatible with Various Mobile Operating Systems

Beacon E-village is available on both Android and iOS operating system platforms

Strong Security

While being easy to use, the solution also enforces strong security protocols


next-gen technologies

Beacon Solutions in Action


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