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Financial Inclusion Solution

Bringing banking to the under-served masses


Speridian’s Beacon Financial Inclusion Solution works as an intermediary between Banks & Business Correspondents. This solution significantly helps banks increase their outreach in underserved areas. Beacon FIS improves profitability by increasing both the loan portfolio and timely collections.
Beacon FIS also serves our clients by providing value added services such as utility bill payments, Mobile Recharges, etc. Most importantly, Beacon FIS Solution has its own power packed Android mobile application, which aids customer’s carry out all essential activities using a mobile phone, minimizing opportunity for error.

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beacon financial inclusion solution

Key Features

Significantly Bolster Business

Beacon FIS helps banks out to underserved areas through BC’s, creating significant growth opportunities

Facilitate Cost-Effective Outreach Channels

Beacon FIS helps reach areas lacking formal financial services quicker and cheaper than opening physical locations

Enable Greater Financial Inclusion

Extend financial services to clients beyond your branch network, often located at unbanked and underbanked areas

Bank Services Made Available to the Doorsteps

Provide banking services, including loan disbursement and recovery, directly to their door

Strengthens Bank’s Loan Portfolio

Offer a variety of loans which, in turn, strengthen your loan portfolio

Improve Bank's Recovery Position

Target clients are well known to the local BC’s. This personal connection improves loan performance and repayment rates

Convenient Monitoring Performances of BC

Beacon FIS provides detailed reports which help Banks monitor, track, and analyse the performance of BC’s

The Convenience of a Mobile Application

Our mobile application offers a comprehensive suite of tools for account creation, loans, recovery, bill payments, etc.



next-gen technologies

Beacon Solutions in Action


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