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Analytics is a concept that provides different views on the business’ financial data. It helps give in-depth knowledge and take strategic actions against them to improve your business’ overall performance.
It plays a crucial role in calculating your business’ profit. It helps you answer every business question related to your business while letting your forecast the future of your business.

Salient features of Analytical Workbench is as under:


  • EWS collates data through various internal and external sources to identify signs of early weakness (probability of default, delinquency, liquidity crises or other economic or environmental distress) based on rule based configuration. Capable of sorting, sifting and analyzing data at a granular level, it ensures no account is left behind.
  • Compliance Report with Daily Stamping of NPA and provision allocation, Systematically classify the Accounts based banking regulator norms.
  • Compliance Report with Daily Stamping of NPA and provision allocation, Systematically classify the Accounts based on the IRAC norms.
  • System suggested Recovery/Legal Methods shortlisting the Loans under each Recovery Mode (SARFAESI, DRT, Fore closure etc.) Identify Low Hanging Fruits model Accounts to ease the collection process.
  • Letters, photographs and other documents can be attached to any suit filed cases in the workflow. These photographs images can be accessed by the designated users.

1. Early Warning Signals:

As the name suggests, the analytic workbench helps in early detection of abnormal symptoms considering more than 50 triggers.

2. Contacts and Follow Up’s:

Few important features of Analytical workbench under the contacts and follow up augment are as under:

  • Branch-wise comparison
  • Dashboards that indicate NPA
  • Customer commitment follow-up and tracking
  • Easily accessible contact and follow-ups

Predictive Dashboard and Auto Allotment of Accounts is also a key feature of Analytical Work bench under the Contacts and Follow Up’s segment.

3. Litigation Management System

Analytical Workbench under LMS gives an insight on the status, total number of cases, closure timelines, total recovery through Litigation Management System till date, court hearings etc.

4. One Time Settlement:

Like LMS Analytical Work bench, OTS Analytical Work bench can help in multiple ways to devise a recovery strategy. It gives a snapshot of number of OTS cases live, Total closed, closure with respect to the various products, zones, demographic etc.

Few other quick and very useful Reports & Dashboard which can be extracted from Analytical Workbench are as under:



Report Name
NPA statement
Branch-wise NPA
NPA Asset Reserve
NPA Difference Statement
Future Date NPA
Consolidated statement of individual NPA accounts with branch wise listing and asset wise filtration on set dates.
Listing of total Loan Principal and Net/Gross NPA amount of each branch.
Branch wise listing of Reserve Amount to be kept against each asset type.
Change in status of individual NPA accounts from a prefixed date.
Projected rise/fall in NPA on a future date. (without accounting for amount recovered.

Dash Board


Report Name
NPA Movement
My Branch contribution
Provisional increase
A line diagram that depicts consolidated and branch wise NPA movement (change in amount) of each month.
Details percentage of NPA contributed single branch as a part of the complete NPA of bank.
Ranks each branches based on their NPA percentage (from lowest to highest)
A summary of increase in Provision based on month end NPA.

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