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Mobile Banking Solution

Anywhere, Anytime Banking Solution


The Beacon Mobile Banking Solution offers a simple and easy to use experience to both customers and banks alike. Customers can perform a wide variety of everyday tasks on their own, from anywhere, in a safe, secure fashion. The bank then processes these requests using automated workflows, reducing support costs, speeding execution, and improving profitability. It’s a win for everyone.

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Key Features

Intuitive Dashboards with Easy Navigation

Get high-level overviews, with the ability to dive deeper. Adaptive design fits to any device, platform, or access mode

Improved Customer Experience

Better understand your customers and their habits, and in turn provide them personalized products

Easy Access to Finances

24/7 IMPS service facility provides easy access to client accounts at any time

Stay Efficient and Compliant

Automation secures and streamlines operations, resulting in safer, cheaper, and easier processes

Safeguard Customer Details

Advanced security features with multi-level authentications and real time software updates keep data secure

Streamline the Contact Process

Provide customers in-app contact options to get help when they feel stuck or need assistance

Go Green, Go Paperless

Deliver paperless statements directly to customers’ email addresses, saving the cost of printing, paper, and delivery

Strong Security

While being easy to use, the solution also enforces strong security protocols



next-gen technologies

Beacon Solutions in Action


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