Speridian's testing and quality assurance (QA) services help you to minimize risks and optimize the performance of your software system, resulting in fewer defects, higher quality and lower cost. Most importantly, it reduces the risk that software defects will cause a major system outage.

We have pertinent experience in software testing/application QA across multiple technology domains and various industry verticals. Using our proven QA techniques and tools, we help you to improve the effectiveness of quality processes, and maximize the potential of e-business strategies. We have vast expertise in automated testing and QA of Internet, intranet and Web applications.


Speridian's Testing and QA Practice has a unique combination of skilled software/test engineers, who are adept in the latest testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of testing solutions in a variety of situations. This includes new application/product testing, support and integration.
  • End-to-End Test Program Management
  • Structured Test Automation
  • Anchored Domain Knowledge
  • Test Process Maturity
  • Measured and Monitored Progress


Our TCoE is a simulated knowledge center that owns standardized testing methodology, proven best practices, automation, metrics and tools. It is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with core competency in software testing and with significant exposure to the most recent tools and technologies. This flexible and agile pool of resources ensures high levels of quality across domains, verticals and applications — both before deployment and during production.

Our testing team employs a disciplined approach to QA, ensuring that each project meets or exceeds its intended outcome. Our QA experts integrate with development teams to provide timely, ongoing feedback, thus keeping product quality on track.

We help you to:
  • Create better business agility and IT alignment.
  • Ensure cost-efficiency by reducing liability from defects and support costs.
  • Mitigate defect leakages and achieve better ROI.
  • Ensure realistic testing cycle duration — faster time-to-market.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction.
  • Optimize development process and overall application quality.
  • Meet delivery schedules.

CMMI Level 5