Build a Stronger Organization by Maximizing Your Most Important Asset

A company is only as good as its people. It’s important to gain insight into your most valuable resource to make strategic decisions to build a stronger, happier workforce.

With Speridian, we’ll help you redefine your Human Resources processes and leverage the latest in cloud technology to increase employee engagement from hire to retire. With our strategic approach, you’ll create a more efficient and effective HR department, allowing them up to make better data-driven decisions to increase employee success and loyalty.

We offer a full-range of Human Capital Management services

Our Services

Strategy and Analysis

Build a roadmap for HR success. By strategically plotting out a course, we’ll help you:

  • Gain actionable insights to make informed decisions ensuring business and HR efficiency for the long-term
  • Tweak your existing strategy to maximize results based on our years of experience and knowledge of best-practices across multiple industries
  • Implement the right tools to quickly analyze data trends for increased organizational agility


Core Human Resources

Manage HR data across all departments with ease. With a cloud-based HCM application such as success factors, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement employee strategies and identify key areas that drive value through a consolidated HR operation
  • Ensure you stay compliant with all legal standards specific to Human Resources and your industry
  • Take advantage of the latest trends in HR Applications with automatic updates and deployments, avoiding costly upgrades


Recruitment and On-Boarding

Attract and hire the best talent in your industry. Within your cloud HCM environment, your HR team will be able to:

  • Assemble job requirements
  • Coordinate with consultancies
  • Screen profiles
  • Schedule interviews
  • Rollout offer letters and welcome employees aboard



Maintain accuracy and timeliness while easing the burden of your payroll processing by:

  • Outlining your own rules, timelines and payroll structure in an easy-to-use cloud interface
  • Leveraging advanced configurations to simplify the most complex payroll situations
  • Calculating earnings, deductions, arrears, taxes, bonuses, and statutory compliance for all employees without error


Leave, Time and Attendance

Make it easy for employees to maintain accurate timecards. With a cloud-based HCM solution, you can:

  • Easily define work schedules and policies for all levels of employees
  • Develop necessary actions in case of breach across all levels of staff
  • Integrate devices that track time automatically and upload that information to the cloud


Talent and Performance Management

Maintain accurate records on your most critical asset. Maximize your existing talent by:

  • Keeping tabs on their skills, certifications and training in a centralized portal
  • Uncovering areas of improvement and training requirements to help attract and retain talented resources
  • Deploying your talents’ skill set in areas where they can promise development, increasing employee engagement and satisfaction




Speridian Advantage

HCM Center of Excellence (CoE) with best practices templates from hire to retire

Simple, efficient and lower support costs with our comprehensive support services

Robust experience in integrating leading HCM solutions with other solutions

Provide HR-related information to your workforce across all devices

Post-production support services including change requests and bug fixes

Human Capital Management


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