Business organizations worldwide are saying goodbye to the traditional integration practices. Next-generation SOA suites are in vogue to regain lost efficiencies. Speridian has expertise in implementing the best-in-class SOA solution for rapidly connecting applications to transform IT into an enabler of business agility. The main objective is to simplify connectivity of applications across Cloud, mobile and on-premise environments. Amidst the convergence of mobile, social, Cloud and big data analytics, SOA is more important than ever before for offering insight and integrating systems from end to end.



SOA in simple terms can be referred to as good design resting on a solid foundation of technology and practices that support your organization's journey into the changing world of mobile and Cloud. It is an opportunity to streamline your business services. Speridian's SOA experts are here to guide you through the entire SOA life cycle — from custom designs and development to deployment. We help in transforming complex application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity in the enterprise and in the Cloud.


If achieving business process excellence is your goal, Speridian is here to assist you by continuously improving your processes. Business process management (BPM) provides automation and governance of a business process to eliminate human error and inefficiencies and optimize operational performance. You benefit from full life cycle BPM implementation with reduced cost and improved productivity by adhering to quality standards and market responsiveness. Hence the marriage between business and IT is perfect. BPM can improve all business processes by implementing electronic workflows, where the processes can be better visualized, controlled and monitored.


The rapid rise of technology and its adoption into the healthcare field has caused healthcare organizations to accumulate non-interoperable systems that not only need to work together within the organization, but are also accessed from outside. SOA can help organizations boost business performance while reducing IT costs and enhancing the flexibility of business processes. Speridian's SOA solution concentrates and modernizes your IT structures while, at the same time, addressing legacy system and application issues — with minimal or no disturbance to your business.


To face rising business challenges there is a pertinent need to integrate your ERP solutions and applications to create unified architecture. Speridian minimizes the risk of these projects by providing a flexible, scalable and secure integration platform. Your business does not have to be worried about integration of heterogeneous applications across multiple platforms. Additionally, Speridian can analyze your enterprise architecture and suggest optimizations inside your existing enterprise. We can even find hidden functionality fatalities that are currently preventing your business from performing at its best.


As your business faces growth and expansion, it also faces the problem of legacy system integration with new technologies, Web and mobile applications as well as in the Cloud. Legacy systems are old, inflexible technologies put into place to resolve previous business challenges. These systems, because of their long life span, tend to be fragile, obsolete and difficult to integrate with new Cloud and Web-based services. The established legacy systems remain in use by companies because legacy system replacement is an extensive and expensive process. Speridian can optimize the investment already made by integrating these legacy systems with modern applications.


Requirements for application integration have significantly multiplied over the last decade to include support for business activity monitoring, event processing, business rules, B2B integration and more. Organizations now need a unified development and management interface across these channels. Speridian specializes in implementing Oracle SOA, which provides a combined approach with a single interface for your integration requirements. This will help your business respond faster to business requirements and lower total cost of ownership.


  • Unparalleled SOA project experience
  • Strong relationship with key SOA vendors, including Oracle, IBM Software, TIBCO, Microsoft, SAP, Pegasystems and Software AG
  • A vendor-neutral perspective combined with sound business advice, industry knowledge and technology acumen
  • Ongoing research into emerging SOA trends plus strong relationships with major SOA vendors
  • Extensive industry and business process knowledge together with its ability to craft solutions that enable high performance
  • Leading-edge architects to help ensure that SOA delivers rich, robust and extendable solutions
  • SOA accelerators to help clients adopt required reference and delivery architectures, delivery methods
  • Prebuilt, industrialized solution frameworks that are secure and highly repeatable

CMMI Level 5