From aligning IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Speridian has the world-class experience and expertise that global telecommunications and media service providers need. Telecom and media companies worldwide face the continuous challenge of keeping up with technology trends and changing customer demands. Speridian solutions give these organizations the technological agility to innovate and assure their clients the critical competitive edge. We help you to transform your business to operate with a lean and agile cost model, maximize your network capacity and monetize a new generation of network-based services, while delivering a consistently high-quality customer experience.



Speridian provides integrated software packages such as Telecom Advanced Business Solutions (TABS), designed for mobile, ISP and traditional fixed network services, along with comprehensive strategies to build a robust and reliable infrastructure. The offerings also include connected networks to improve accuracy in data dissemination and information integrity for broadband, IP-based messaging services and 4G wireless networks. We work closely with customers to develop solutions that reduce product development and testing time. This gives manufacturers the critical ability to rapidly release flexible, reliable equipment engineered with greater functionality.


Boost productivity and streamline operations of your customer-facing teams by opting for Speridian's Mobilize platform. Mobile technology is transforming the present, and mobile applications will be the future of businesses, especially those employing customer-intensive enterprise applications, such as Siebel CRM. Users can now access their Siebel system, anywhere, anytime and on-the-go. Mobilize's Siebel CRM App provides an intuitive User Interface, GPS and offline access.


Leveraging our telecom billing solutions, you can get the back-office efficiency, consistency and accountability you need to reduce expenses and improve margins. Speridian offers solutions that can respond to rapidly changing business needs, and applications that manage a wide range of billing processes and functions, including:

  • Pricing Management
  • Ratings
  • Partner Management
  • Service Authorization
  • Discounting and Promotions
  • Billing Cycle Management
  • Financial Management
  • Payment and Collections


Engineered on MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) principles, Mobilize supports multiple smartphones and tablets through a unified Mobility platform. Mobilize provides an integrated platform to manage multiple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Sales users can now focus on selling more with instant access to the prospect or account on their mobile devices. Field Service users can provide a better customer experience and also ensure that all required data about the incident is captured using Speridian's Enterprise Mobility platforms.
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