The travel industry has seen extraordinary growth in the last decade. As the industry continues to expand, it is imperative to sustain the long-term social, environmental and economic competitiveness of the routes and destinations travelers use. Speridian helps travel services companies to meet these challenges by improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and operational efficiency. The goal is to improve the customer's end-to-end experience, increase the agility of customer sales and service systems, maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation, improve operational efficiency and to assure customer safety and security with lower costs and reduced impact.



Technology is a business enabler that can trigger new service offerings, reduce costs and help reach and engage customers. Speridian provides several advanced airline IT solutions and concepts in areas such as airline mobility solutions, e-commerce for business agility and improved airline customer experience management. Our service portfolio includes enterprise architecture consulting, IT strategy formulation, process transformation and innovation. We offer application services including development, support and quality assurance across technology spanning the airline IT landscape, in addition to infrastructure services such as remote management, help desk, desktop and network management and hosting.
CMMI Level 5