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Our client is a leading co-operative bank in India.  As the foundation for their digital transformation, they automated their services by implementing Speridian’s Beacon Core Banking Solution (CBS). A proud recipient of the prestigious Banking Frontiers Award 2016-17, the bank has witnessed a substantial increase in its growth rate and improved efficiencies since the implementation of Beacon CBS.

Customer Situation

The client was experiencing difficulties managing account data, meeting regulatory requirements and addressing security needs.  In addition, manual processes and stand-alone workflows meant that they were wasting resources trying to push even simple requests through their systems.

Speridian’s Solution

Speridian analyzed the client’s situation and addressed it with Beacon CBS solution framework:

  • Migrated to a web-based platform
  • Centralized the banks data
  • Integrated and automated processes and workflows
  • Applied enhanced security and auditing measures
  • Introduced real time reporting
  • Introduced Non-Performing Asset management software
  • Introduced automated Collections suite
  • Introduced customized tools to address individual client needs

Technologies Used

  • Speridian’s Beacon Core Banking Solution
  • Speridian’s Banking Analytics
  • Speridian’s Mobile Banking
  • Speridian’s Core Lending Solution

Business Impact

Speridian’s Beacon Core Banking Solution enables this client to offer an easy and transparent banking experience to its customers. The solutions made the bank smarter, nimbler, and better able to respond to client needs.  This has resulted in substantial membership growth while easing concerns about meeting regulatory compliance objectives.  This client has remained a satisfied Speridian customer for over a decade.

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