In our digital world, businesses are feeling pressured to provide solutions at break-neck speed to maintain their competitive edge while adhering to industry-specific regulations.

With Speridian’s Quality Assurance Performance testing team, we’ll test your business applications against our rigorous standards and procedures. We’ll assist you in continuing to deliver excellent service to your clients while staying within the guidelines of industry regulations. We’ll ensure your mission critical applications are reliable and secure, providing an exemplary customer experience at a lower cost.

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Functional Testing

  • Ensure your software is reliable and bug-free with Speridian’s comprehensive functional testing solutions.
  • Don’t let software issues hold your business back – let Speridian’s functional testing services identify and eliminate any potential problems.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with flawless software performance, thanks to Speridian’s expert functional testing services.
  • Maximize your ROI with Speridian’s cost-effective and efficient functional testing solutions.
  • Let Speridian’s team of experienced testers give you peace of mind knowing your software is thoroughly checked and validated for optimal performance.
  • Say goodbye to costly software rework and customer dissatisfaction – Speridian’s functional testing services ensure your software meets user expectations.
  • Trust Speridian to deliver high-quality functional testing services that identify potential issues before they become costly problems for your business.


Automation Testing

  • Transform your testing processes with Speridian’s cutting-edge automation testing solutions.
  • Speridian’s automation testing services help you reduce testing time and costs while improving software quality.
  • Our automation testers have expertise in using all the latest technologies and tools to deliver the best automation testing services.
  • Don’t let manual testing slow down your development cycles – let Speridian automate your testing processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with Speridian’s automation testing services, providing you with faster and more accurate testing results.
  • Speridian’s automation testing solutions ensure your software is tested thoroughly, even in complex and time-consuming scenarios.
  • Experience the benefits of automation testing with Speridian’s customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


Accessibility Testing

  • Ensure compliance with accessibility regulations and increase user satisfaction with our comprehensive accessibility testing services.
  • Unlock new opportunities and expand your market reach by making your products accessible to all users with our top-notch accessibility testing solutions.
  • Guarantee your product’s inclusivity and enhance your brand reputation with our industry-leading accessibility testing services.
  • Stay ahead of the curve and protect your business from potential legal risks with our robust accessibility testing and compliance solutions.
  • Maximize your product’s usability and customer satisfaction by partnering with our experienced team for all your accessibility testing needs.
  • Empower your business with accessible technology and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace with our advanced accessibility testing and consulting services.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by implementing accessible design principles from the start with our reliable accessibility testing and consulting solutions


Staff Augmentation

Even if you have a dedicated Quality Assurance team in house tied up on other projects, or you’re currently building a team from scratch, leverage our full-time QA Engineers to contribute to your project’s quality. Our resources can be utilized on a:

  • Part-time/Full-Time basis
  • Project basis
  • Overlay or consultancy basis

Our resources are skilled, talented, and attentive to detail, and will ensure your project is delivered on time and under budget


QA on Demand

  • Ensure your software is of the highest quality with Speridian’s on-demand QA services.
  • Get expert quality assurance support exactly when you need it, with Speridian’s flexible on-demand QA solutions.
  • Say goodbye to staffing headaches and resource constraints with Speridian’s scalable on-demand QA services.
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your QA processes with Speridian’s comprehensive on-demand services.
  • Speridian’s on-demand QA services provide the expertise and support you need to meet tight deadlines and exceed user expectations.
  • Let Speridian’s team of experienced QA professionals help you achieve your software quality goals with on-demand services tailored to your unique needs.
  • Consultancy to suggest the best automation tool that fits your needs to automation framework and script development and finally running these automation scripts, Speridian has it all covered with its unique automation testing services


Speridian Advantage

200+ dedicated Consultants worldwide with comprehensive QA knowledge

Automation Testing using the latest technology such as HP UFT and Selenium

Experience across many industries in both public and private sectors

Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to providing fast deliverables

Advisory services to help you build robust quality assurance practices

Quality Assurance Performance Testing in Action


Creating a Branded SharePoint Online Site for a Renowned Luxury Apparel Brand
Creating a Branded SharePoint Online Site for a Renowned Luxury Apparel Brand

Founded in 2002, our client is a luxury apparel and accessories brand renowned for their comfortable silhouettes and high-end fabrics.

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