Today’s consumer is more connected and informed than ever before, using multiple channels to compare and buy products and services. They expect retailers to meet their demands, providing fast, consistent and seamless interactions across all channels.

Speridian helps retailers lead with the Retail and E-Commerce technology necessary to gain a 360-degree view of consumers to provide improved service across the entire buying journey. We’re helping retailers enter a new frontier backed by digital technology, helping customers buy into you, not just from you. 

Our Retail Practice

Our Services

Digital Strategy and Consulting

With how quickly technology is evolving, it’s important to work with a partner who can assist you in turning these advances into competitive advantages. Speridian offers innovative solutions, deep domain expertise, and well-defined strategies to keep you profitable. Our knowledgeable consultants:

  • Define, design, and implement strategies that drive business growth, helping you tomorrow-proof your business
  • Develop long-term and short-term strategies based on actionable deliverables and defined best practices
  • Assist with uncovering new revenue streams and areas for cost reduction


Store Portal Development and Implementation

Improve operational efficiencies and customer experience by empowering your staff with a modern, digital-first store portal. By leveraging Speridian’s knowledgeable development resources, we’ll provide:

  • Flexible development options built on the latest technology that’s secure and compatible with legacy systems
  • Increased order fulfillment with improved insight into inventory and supply chain partners
  • Improved synchronization, inventory and promotions management across all stores


Multi-Channel Commerce and Customer Engagement

With an average of 10 touchpoints for every purchase decision made, it’s imperative to maintain uniformity throughout the customer’s buying journey. Speridian helps retails deploy an integrated technology platform with real-time information available across all channels, providing:

  • A unified and fluid retail experience across all channels, both online and in-person
  • Your workforce with information to provide better customer service and create a seamless experience


Retail Data Analytics

It’s imperative to gain insight into your customers and market effectively to them to increase market share and outpace your competition. Speridian helps retailers implement the latest in data analytics to assist in winning more customers based on data. We’ll help you:

  • Leverage the latest in AI and predictive analytics to make personalized recommendations to customers
  • Make informed, rapid strategic and operational decisions based on customer data, bringing innovation to market faster
  • Gain insight into who your most profitable customers are and build your business around them


Speridian Advantage

Deep operational and integration experience across Retail

Modernize operational processes and applications for increased agility

Leverage customer data to increase relevance and revenue
Reduce transaction costs and optimize inventory management
Reduced development costs and time to market

Retail and E-commerce Technology Solutions in Action


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