Connect your enterprise planning

Combining financial, operational, and line of business planning improves planning accuracy and makes your company more agile

Advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics create the opportunity for you to integrate real-time information into your business planning. Eliminating delays in decision-making by delivering prescriptive insights.


The need for connected enterprise planning

Since the start of the pandemic, vulnerabilities in traditional planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes have surfaced, forcing the approach to enterprise planning to change dramatically. Disruption has become a constant and plans require continuous adjustment. Adopting a connected enterprise planning solution allows your business to gain the agility to outperform.


MIT Technology Review Insights Report: Collaborative planning in an uncertain world

Explore how companies worldwide conduct strategic enterprise planning ―particularly in uncertain times. Discover how company leaders plan and collaborate, from general business processes to investing in artificial intelligence and cloud-based applications. Gain insights into the ways finance, HR, and operations are evolving to support those efforts, and identify techniques that you can adopt.

Successfully planning for a rapidly changing workforce

The need to work from home or remotely has created a dramatic shift in workforce trends. Organizations that were once reluctant to embrace flexible working are now seeing the HR and financial benefits. Oracle Cloud solutions for workforce planning provides visibility throughout your organization so you can successfully manage and forecast workforce cost. Explore the five best practices for workforce planning.

Get ahead of disruption

Technology supporting supply chain operations is advancing rapidly. Many companies have moved operations to cloud-based software, which offers more frequent capability updates and new technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Allowing you to connect and improve planning between sales, finance, and operations.

Align project plans with growth initiatives

In a fluid global economic environment companies are scrutinizing every investment, realizing change is necessary to thrive, while also understanding where and what to invest in is key. Building a foundation for a connected, finance-focused project plan can mean the difference between a missed opportunity, or a strategic advantage for your company.

Global companies often lack alignment between their corporate financial plans and line of business/operational plans. Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) improves planning accuracy and makes your company more agile.

Connecting financial, operational, and line of business planning on a single cloud enables you to improve planning accuracy, boost collaboration and information sharing across departments, and respond faster to business decisions.

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