With how “plugged in” buyers are, Digital Marketing services can no longer be an adjunct to traditional marketing. Instead, organizations must create a unified strategy with digital channels at the forefront, creating genuine connections with customers.

Speridian’s Digital Marketing services help organizations provide a customer-centric experience to forge meaningful connections with clients. From helping you implement a new website design or tweaking the effectiveness of your email marketing, we’ll help you demonstrate how you solve customers’ pain points and paint you as their trusted advisor.

We offer a full-range of Digital Marketing services

Our Services

Web Development/Design

You only get one shot at a first impression. We build websites that are:

  • A perfect representation of your brand, showing customers what they can expect from you
  • Optimized for multiple platforms including mobile devices and tablets
  • Responsive, detecting what device the visitor is using and adapting the content to fit the device perfectly, creating the best user experience possible

In short, we build intelligent and intuitive sites for smart businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your page doesn’t show up on the first or second page of search results, it might as well not exist. With the frequent changes in search engine algorithms, consistent optimization of your website is even more critical. We provide affordable, best-in-class search engine optimization (SEO) services to help you rank higher in search results, including:

  • A full audit of your website to ensure everything is mapped correctly with the user in mind
  • On and off-page optimization to increase your ranking
  • Ranking reports so you can see firsthand how your website is performing
  • Link building to provide maximum exposure and traffic
  • Content marketing creation and strategy to establish you as an expert in your market

Paid Search Marketing

Avoid the risk of spending a fortune on pay-per-click advertising that doesn’t work. Our in-house experts provide full-range PPC services that help you achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you achieve them with:

  • Account review and goal setting to map out our journey and expectations
  • Keyword research for specific targets
  • Geo-targeting for specific markets and locations you want to boost
  • Campaign-level reporting so you can see firsthand what’s working
  • Conversion tracking to show you where traffic came from
  • Monthly calls and reporting for accurate tracking toward our goals
  • Landing page optimization recommendations to increase conversion rates

Digital Analytics

Gain insight into how your digital marketing efforts are performing at any time. We leverage powerful analytics tools to:

  • Gauge traffic on your site and popularity trends within your target market to help you capture new revenue streams
  • Customize tools like Google Analytics and Oracle Infinity specifically to your needs, providing you with the level of detail necessary to make informed decisions
  • Conduct a full website and business audit to ensure your digital marketing efforts are optimized for performance and conveying your message and goals properly.

Marketing Automation

Stand out from the noise and spam with effective content marketing to your lists. We’ll work together to develop a bullet-proof marketing automation strategy, including:

  • Examining your marketing automation efforts to ensure you’re using the correct formulas to maximize open rates and conversions
  • Developing an effective marketing automation strategy leveraging best of breed tools such as Oracle Responsys and Eloqua to ensure messages reach your targets
  • Providing guidance on how you can optimize your list to maximize potential profits from prospects, past clients, and everyone in between.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not enough just to have a Facebook or Twitter account. You want to make sure you’re engaged wherever your prospects and customers are, sharing content that’s engaging and helpful without coming across as too “sales.” We’ll help you with the ins and outs of social media marketing, including:

  • Social Consultancy—Whether you have an in-house marketing team who needs a little guidance, or are building your social media presence from scratch, we’ll help you develop a social media strategy based on your specific goals.
  • Brand Management—Uniformity is key across all platforms. We’ll work with you to ensure your social media channels are on brand, including your usernames and profile pages, for easy recognition with customers.
  • Social Tone and Nature—We’ll help you find your “voice” in the social media stratosphere, so your business is portrayed exactly how you want it to be.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Understand how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what stopped them from completing your goals. Our knowledgeable marketing analytics resources will work with you to:

  • Gain insight into macro and micro conversions using tools such as Oracle Maxymiser.
  • Improve user experience with a sleek, sophisticated website design built with CRO in mind.
  • Provide a secure site to build trust with users, allowing them to confidently share personal information.

Speridian Advantage

Enhance marketing effectiveness with data-driven analytics

Create an enhanced, user-centric digital experience for uniformity

Optimize web content to increase search engine rankings

Targeted campaigns to reach buyers in their exact moments of need

Social media consultancy to help you forge meaningful connections with clients

Digital Marketing Services in Action


Implementing a Custom Intranet Site for a Leading Private Vending Company
Implementing a Custom Intranet Site for a Leading Private Vending Company

Our client offers a range of affordable debt products to residential real estate investors. They have been helping customers finance single family and small-multifamily properties, including condominiums and townhomes.

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