Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way of thinking and is revolutionizing businesses models for all organisations around the world. Cloud computing services are changing the way we work.

Being experienced in different cloud platforms, Speridian offers various cloud computing services for cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. Our pool of highly qualified & skilled professionals helps large, medium & small enterprises in successfully transforming their business needs.

Speridian’s Cloud Computing Services at a Glance

Services Offerings

Cloud Managed Services

Business service assurance- Ensure the service availability, performance and security aligning with industry specific compliance/Standards.


Cloud Development Services

Our application development team provides services to facilitate the design, development and deployment of Cloud based applications and services. With highly skilled and experienced cloud engineers, we help our clients in developing, deploying, migrating and supporting Azure based applications.

Our development services include:

  • Building custom cloud-native applications: We use modern cloud based technologies and processes to build and deploy custom enterprise solutions in Azure platform.
  • Application Migration: Migrating enterprise’s data to cloud-based servers considering all security aspects. We help in migrating organization’s digital assets, resources or applications
  • Integration Services: Integrating on premise & cloud-based applications to create workflows or connect the Azure server with other third-party services. We use tools like Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Service Bus Messaging, API Management, etc., to build and deploy integration solutions.
  • Data Analytics/AI: We provide advanced analytics solutions with Microsoft Azure. This include data visualization with Power BI, Advanced analytics with Azure analysis services, Predictive Analytics using Azure, Cloud based analytics with Azure machine learning, Big data analytics.
  • IOT Services: We also provide different IOT based solutions depending on the business need.


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