Over the last decade, there’s been a major shift in application delivery, forcing development and operations to work together to meet faster release timelines.

DevOps, a true merging of the branches of development and operations, encourages collaboration and a shift toward a rapid-release model to help you maintain your competitive edge by meeting the needs of your customers faster than your competition.

Speridian helps you adopt a true DevOps culture, where building, testing, and releasing software happens rapidly, frequently, reliably and securely. We help you automate and monitor all aspects of software development and delivery, improving organizational performance.


We offer a full-range of DevOps Management services

Our Services

Infrastructure Management

Automation is critical in adopting DevOps into your development practice. By leveraging our expertise in development infrastructure, we’ll help you:

  • Design, implement and maintain the right infrastructure to support automated provisioning and configuration of servers within minutes
  • Setup the right project management and collaborative tools to allow your development team focus on the current sprint backlog while having an holistic view of entire project requirements
  • Create an easy-to-use system for development to maintain a single source of truth with the latest updates and changes


Environment Management

A single source of truth is critical for a rapid and reliable development lifecycle. From a single version control system, we’ll help you:

  • Manage all development environments and eliminate mismatching configurations, allowing for automated, error-free configuration deployment
  • Configure activity reports for increased visibility into your development pipeline
  • Ensure your team is always developing on the latest version and avoid configuration management issues


Code Inspection and Continuous Integration

With the help of Speridian, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce turn around time associated with code quality and code review by automating these steps within the continuous integration pipeline.
  • Deploy into production automatically with confidence
  • Run build and code quality reports to assist in improving team productivity


Deployment Automation and Orchestration

Automation of the deployment process is necessary in today’s development process. Whether you prefer to deploy with a single click or automatically, we’ll help you calm your nerves about automatic deployment by ensuring your tools and processes:

  • Create error-free code
  • Decrease production downtime.
  • Eliminate manual errors in configurations

We’ll also assist in providing deployment metrics for increased agility throughout your DevOps collaboration.


Speridian Advantage

Reduce time to market through streamlined software delivery

Increase productivity and delivery of new functionality

Identify quality concerns and defects quickly across the development lifecycle

More stable and secure production environment with auditable changes

Create an agile culture that rapidly manifests your ideas for innovation

DevOps in Action


Speridian’s DevOps services transform IT processes for a real estate software solution provider in the APAC region
Speridian’s DevOps services transform IT processes for a real estate software solution provider in the APAC region

Our client is a commercial real estate data provider, providing comprehensive commercial real estate information globally.

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