Speridian’s Beacon Mobile Banking Solution enables anytime anywhere banking


Our client, a major Indian bank, started using Speridian’s Beacon Mobile Banking Solution, to provide simpler and easier mobile transaction services to their customers. This enhanced the Bank’s appeal, particularly among the younger demographic.


Customer Situation

Our client needed the ability to provide a handheld mobile solution to their customer base.  Key needs were:

  • Ease of use
  • Automate common functions
  • Introduce personalized services
  • Support fund transfers via mobile
  • Offer Bill Pay functionality
  • Offer account alerts
  • Provide 24/7 service


Speridian’s Solution

After careful appraisal of the client’s needs, Speridian suggested their industry leading Beacon Mobile Banking solution. It not only met all the requirements but added several other functions that would enhance the bank’s business and profitability.

  • Offers enhanced security measures to ensure that clients are rigorously protected
  • Provides real-time software updates
  • Fully meets all Compliance and Audit requirements
  • Provides error handling to ensure that all orders are completed properly before they are submitted
  • Offers optimized workflows to increase efficiencies and reduce transaction time
  • Users can download it from the Google Play store 


Technologies Used

  • Front End: Python, Django, Eclipse, ADT, SQLite
  • RDBMS: MS SQL Server or above


Business Impact

The adoption of Speridian’s Beacon Mobile Banking solution made a substantial improvement to our client’s daily operations.  It enabled their customers to perform most tasks without engaging bank officers, and to do so from anyplace, at any time, vastly increasing customer satisfaction.  With implementation completed within 5 days, the solution proved a perfect fit that has laid the foundation for this client’s current business.

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