About the Client
Our client is a leading real estate company in Indonesia, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. With over 15 years in the business, they have been providing the best property solutions to its customers.

Business Challenges
The client is expanding its property business through cross channel marketing (website, social media, print media or billboards etc.) and wanted to have a streamlined approach of tracking leads until their closure.

Till now, they were using disconnected marketing solutions while rolling out ad hoc email campaigns that were not effective. The real challenge that remained was:

  • To motivate the brokers and agents
  • To target the precise segments of market
  • To track the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Speridian recommended the client to use Oracle Marketing Cloud’s capabilities for managing leads and maximizing closures.
After analyzing the client’s needs and challenges thoroughly, Speridian adopted a structured
approach to deploying Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua).

The client was enabled with a vibrant ecosystem of:

  • Campaign Management- with up to two (2) scheduled, multi-step email campaigns including assets such as Forms, Landing pages, Email Templates
  • Contact Management- including audience segmentation, contact upload and contact attributes
  • Marketing Effectiveness- for email campaign activity tracking and web page tagging
  • Lead Management- for identifying leads from multiple channels and allocate them to sales teams
  • Oracle Eloqua Advanced Lead Scoring Cloud Service (Profile & Engagement based)
  • Reporting- for tracking and analyzing revenue from campaigns
  • Oracle Eloqua Marketing Approvals- for proper allocation of leads to agents/employees while looping manager and other stake holders
  • Oracle Eloqua Engage Cloud Service- for accessing various marketing automation tools.
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