Automation of NPA Recognition & Provisioning by BEACON IRAC

WEBINAR Thursday 16th June, 2022 | Time: 4:00 pm (IST)
Reserve Bank of India has introduced, in a phased manner, prudential norms for income recognition, asset classification and provisioning for the advances portfolio (IRAC) of the banks so as to move toward greater consistency and transparency in the published accounts., latest by September 2022. Key Business Challenges faced by Financial Institutions
  • Lack of LMS/CBS Integration and Decentralized Accounting System
  • Lack of NPA Automation
  • Higher TAT for Report Generation
  • Compliance Reporting needs to be streamlined
  • Manpower Dependency
BEACON helps to classify on rule-based parameterization, scheduled monitoring of loan portfolio delivering a seamless automated process throughout every point of operation. Join us for this webinar to know how BEACON IRAC can solve business problems and enable the FIs to regulate the NPAs with the power of automation, process improvs and enterprise integration capabilities to overcome legacy system setbacks.


Rajesh Mishra

NBFC consultant
BEACON Banking Solutions



Shweta Bhingardive

Pre-Sales Consultant
BEACON Banking Solutions

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