The Challenge

Warranty management systems grow as product lines are expanded, new dealer channels are added, and manufacturing is diversified. These gradual enhancements can result in fragmented communication, which decreases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Are you facing some of these challenges in your current warranty process?

  • Core data systems not working well together (ERP, CRM, PLM, Mobile Field Services)
  • Human-dependent processes that are inefficient and/or cumbersome to use
  • Unable to verify information, often forcing companies to pay on fraudulent and invalid claims
  • Information not immediately shared across the product development value chain
  • Risk of under or over-budgeting for warranty payouts due to inaccurate forecasts
  • Too many fragmented emails and phone calls with dealers or customers
  • Cost and time to implement new solutions are overwhelming
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Our Solution

In the world of today’s competitive landscape Warranty and Customer Service responsiveness is a key critical success factor. In many cases companies have lost the ability to meet their client’s service expectations and thus open the door to competition.

Warranty Nexus streamlines these workflows and connects critical parties in the warranty management lifecycle. In doing so, it acts as a centralized hub to process, communicate, inform, and gain intelligence that is crucial in improving product quality and customer experience.

Warranty Nexus provides a single, comprehensive framework to integrate the warranty management lifecycle into a simple, cost effective and user-friendly environment.

Warranty Nexus Benefits

Avoid missing claims

through the automatic notification to service personnel when defective items are under supplier warranty.

Minimize settlement delays

with easy access to part-specific and context-specific claims rules, terms and conditions, claim forms, part-return instructions and pre-printed return shipping labels.

Ensure service orders are fulfilled

by service partners and increase overall collaboration.

Streamline data entry

by quickly and easily creating supplier recovery claims from customer warranty claims, including those fulfilled by third parties.

Achieve faster recovery times

through flexible status tracking that enables fast, clear communication between the service organization and supplier.

Eliminate errors and omissions

that might delay cash settlement by streamlining claim submission, status monitoring, dispute resolution, and part replacements.

Detect fraud

with automated reporting of erroneous cla im submissions, supplier issues and quality issues.

Compatible with Core Systems

and seamlessly integrate and gain new functionality with Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and other core systems.

Process Automation

by including only necessary information in your workflow, reducing redundancies and increasing productivity.

Real-Time Analysis

with the ability to track trends and identify weak links in your process to improve quality and customer service.

Knowledge Base

self-serve by publishing instructional videos, schematics, PDF’s and supportive documentation to save you and your partners valuable time.

Self-Service Portals

empower business partners and customers to self-serve, relieving your company of handling cumbersome tasks.



Our business analysis team will ensure your existing processes are mapped and defined.


Our technical design team will serve to optimize your processes with Warranty Nexus components and new development.


Our customer success team is exclusively focused on helping your business succeed and grow.

Get Started.

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