Transformative Apps for Healthcare

Mobile Health is at the crossroads of two rapidly evolving ecosystems – Smartphones and Healthcare.
Many doctors are now accessing EMR (Electronic Medical Records) through Smartphones or tablets today. Besides, there are more than 13,000 health apps intended for consumers available in Apple's AppStore. The possibilities of using mobile technology to improve Healthcare are endless. From Binary Network Apps that allow a smartphone to track data from a sensor reading patient's vitals to apps that allow you to track body weight, the pervasiveness of smartphones and the apps ecosystem are revolutionizing Healthcare.
Speridian's Mobilize can help Healthcare Providers, Payers, Third Party Administrators and Consumers meet their mobility-based business requirements. A few examples of how Mobilize can provide effective mobile solutions for you are listed below.

Scope in Mobile Healthcare
  • Business Case
  • Mobility Advantage
  • Treatment compliance
  • Send notifications or reminder messages to patient's phone with the aim of achieving treatment compliance.
  • Mobile telemedicine
  • Consultation between Healthcare professionals and patient using the voice, text, data, imaging, or video functions available through a Mobile Application.
  • Health surveys and surveillance
  • Use of mobile devices for health-related data collection and reporting.
  • Patient monitoring
  • Using mobile technology to manage, monitor, and treat a patient's illness from a distance with the help of remote sensors and imaging devices linked to mobile phones.
  • Decision support systems
  • Software to advise Healthcare professionals on clinical diagnoses of patients based on health history and medical information, such as prescribed drugs. Mobile devices are used to input data and obtain targeted health information.
  • Patient records
  • Collecting and displaying patient records at point-of-care through mobile technologies.
  • Administration
  • Asset tracking, demand & capacity management, job scheduling & tracking, business analytics.
  • Mobile integrated devices
  • Devices to check sugar levels, blood pressure and other vital parameters.
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Send notifications or reminder messages to patients' phones to remind them about upcoming appointments.
  • Urgent Care Finder
  • Find Healthcare Providers who are part of the Insurance network using your mobile device based on your location.
  • Claim Status Check
  • Check the status of your claims submitted through your mobile phone.