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Over the last couple of years, Speridian has invested significant resources in developing solutions to improve the patient experience. The result is an innovative Web portal called PatientAlign, which considerably enhances the patient experience through a number of patient-focused tools and features. A wholly owned subsidiary of Speridian Technologies, PatientAlign LLC started development of these tools by identifying the industry gaps and working closely with major hospitals and care providers.

Improve Patient Experience

Recognizing that the patient experience begins well before the patient steps through the door for the first time, PatientAlign assists the patient and the on-boarding staff beginning with the pre-registration process. The PatientAlign suite continues to engage the patient by monitoring critical metrics to ensure the positive patient experience does not end when the appointment is over. The suite is rounded out with intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards that enable management to track and change practices that positively impact the patient experience.

Improve Patient Loyalty Through Technology

Technology plays a big role. Available on mobile, tablet and the Internet, PatientAlign technology provides tools for patients, staff and management. In addition to PatientAlign Engage, Vitals and Executive, the three flagship products that provide the tools to improve patient experience, PatientAlign provides customer relationship management modules that offer a 360-degree view of the customer in a care system.

Working closely with patient advocacy groups and investing in technology innovation, PatientAlign fulfills the goals of providing excellent patient experience solutions to the industry. Nothing can replace human touch as a key factor in providing the ultimate patient experience, but the PatientAlign technology solution can help everyone involved.

PatientAlign solutions help treatment centers to:

  • Increase number of newly diagnosed patients
  • Decrease time to first appointment for new patients
  • Reduce patient cancellation rate
  • Increase enrollment in clinical trials
  • Increase genetic counseling screenings
  • Reduce abandoned call rate
  • Reduce number of phone calls
  • Reduce first-appointment intake time
  • Increase transparency and patient satisfaction
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Increase local market share

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