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A Proactive Approach to Preventing Non-Performing Assets

The Challenge


Unmitigated NPAs are the biggest vulnerability for all banks and financial institutions alike. Keeping them in check and recovery of delinquent loans are the highest priority to sustaining profitability. Delinkure is an all-inclusive solution that can help you identify delinquency-prone loans in advance. Compatible with every CBS solution, Delinkure can assist in the recovery process and bring non-performing assets down to an optimal low.

Our Solution

Delinkure is a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) and Risk Prevention Tool that utilizes Predictive Modeling to help banks take-charge and prevent loans from becoming Non-Performing Assets, helping to maintain expected revenue and lending capacity for financial institutions. There are 3 steps to curing delinquency:

Early Warnings

  • Sieves through entire CBS database for delinquent-loan patterns.
  • Identifies possible defaults and grades them according to weighted parameters.
  • Notifies preset authorities according to threat level at regular intervals.

Repeated Redressal

  • In-built customer interaction for recovery of debt.
  • Comprehensive RBI-conformed reparation procedure
  • Complete documentation of individual proceedings.

Final Closure

  • Documentation after successful debt-recovery.
  • Elaborate data visualization of progress.
  • Customizable analytics to create future action plan.

Delinkure Benefits


Compatible with all core banking software

Seamless integration with your financial institutions systems and regulatory processes. Daily batch file integration with your core banking systems makes the setup quick and easy.

Streamlined case management workflow

Each module is configured so that only processes and information your institution needs are visible in the case management system.

Customizable rule engine

Ability to adjust sensitivity and decide what determining factors works best for your needs.

Permission based hierarchy

Ability to assign additional users with specific permissions/tasks.

US based support and implementation

Our product and support team in Portland, Oregon is available from 8am to 5pm PST Monday-Friday for easy access to help.

Hosting security

Benefit from our SSAE18 certified data center operations to ensure security and protection of all information on Delinkure.

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