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Improved Citizen Interaction and Experience for a Unified Community

The Challenge

Election Campaign
Not long after a successful election campaign, many newly elected public officials feel the weight of their newfound responsibilities. Managing increasing citizen expectations, let alone increasing citizen engagement, can feel insurmountable at times, especially with increasing budget constraints and resources. Speridian developed GOV CX to cost-effectively solve this challenge for local government, allowing them to easily keep a finger on the pulse on the issues that matter most to citizens, making it easy for them to interact and resolve community issues.

Our Solution

Speridian GOV CX is a suite of solutions built specifically for governments to engage directly with citizens while easily addressing community issues. Citizens can easily track the progress of service requests in your customizable portal via the web or a mobile device, and engage with other citizens on the local news feed, information on events, and supporting local businesses. GOV CX enables the following for local government entities:

 Citizen Engagement

  • Engage and interact with citizens through their channels
  • Email Marketing integration to share important news 
  • Community forums for citizens, allowing you to moderate relevant topics

“Always On” Government

  • Facilitate fast-paced technology changes that keep up with demand
  • High security standards, ensuring citizens their personal data won’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Access when/where you need it via multi-platform support

Data-Driven Service and Insights

  • Leverage open and big data sources to provide transparency to your citizens
  • Increase insightful analytics and reports delivered your way
  • Empower internal stakeholders with actionable data limited to their department

GOV CX Benefits


Customized Website

Completely customizable omni-channel platform supporting all major modes of citizen interaction


Knowledge Base Articles

Enable relevant content to be incorporated into citizen interactions for faster issue resolution

Service Request Management

Citizens can easily submit service requests via the web or mobile device

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor relevant social media posts across 3000+ social media channels

Enhanced Agent Experience and Dashboard

Enable agents to field inquiries across all channels delivering accurate resolutions or referrals


Gauge citizen interest in services and receive feedback on how they can be improved

Get Started.

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