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Case management modernization for increased productivity and collaboration

The Challenge


Child support payment processes have changed significantly over the last 40 years, requiring significant collaboration on case management, family-centered strategies, and geographic transience. Meeting demands for flexibility, collaboration, mobility, and easy access to data is challenging with aging technology and systems inhibiting productivity. To keep up with the demand, Speridian developed a solution to transform child support case management to decrease costs and increase collaboration throughout the entire process.

Our Solution

Our solution supports all core business functions throughout the child support payment process. Regardless of the complexity of your business processes, our solution can be tweaked to support different practice methodologies for a complete solution based on your needs. Other features include:

Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics

  • Configurable dashboards built by the user for a comprehensive overview based on need 
  • Advanced data analytics for improved decision making

Foundational Platform

  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf integration capabilities
  • Service Oriented Architecture for easy implementation
  • Ability to expand to support other programs for a single source of truth

Self-Service and Mobility

Easily conduct routine business from the web portal or via a mobile device for the following:

  • Apply for new child support services
  • Calculate an estimate of child support
  • Report changes such as new address, job or bank account
  • View account balance and recent transactions
  • Make payments
  • Review notices, appointment times, payment status and balances
  • Locate the nearest child support office for additional assistance

Flexible Hosting and Delivery Models

  • Traditional On-premise
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Solution Benefits


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Also ensures reliability, manageability and upgradeability

Extensible to other groups

Increase collaboration between your resources and other Health & Human Services Programs


Supports differences in county-specific and other rules-based processes

Service Oriented Architecture

Pre-built, industrialized solution frameworks that are secure and highly repeatable

Open Standards

Easily integrate with other systems with our open standards technology stack

COTS-based Core

Built to tie in with commercial off-the-shelf systems for easy implementation

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