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The Challenge

the challenge

With the increasing complexities involved in the never-ending volume of cases, Public Sector institutions at all levels need a fresh approach to manage the vast volume of civil and criminal justice information, specifically one that enables sharing data securely across jurisdictions and analyzing case intelligence and statistics. JusticeAlign, a legal case management software solution powered by Speridian, simplifies public safety case management and saves time by optimizing operations, empowering personnel and transforming services.


Our Solution

JusticeAlign streamlines the justice process by creating a centralized system to securely share case management information and analyze statistics, helping to reduce infrastructure costs. With a fully inclusive, innovative and integrated system, you’ll be able to provide faster, more efficient services to meet the needs of modern societies. Functions of JusticeAlign include:

Court Solutions

Streamline the justice process and reduce costs with a modernized case management system. Justicealign assists with many facets of the judicial process, such as: 

  • E-Filing: File your time-sensitive electronic documents to the court or attorney directly from your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Judge’s Workbench: The Judge’s Workbench is an efficient and intuitive web-based application that can be used on-the-go and on the bench
  • Lawyers and Public Portal: File cases from your office or on the go with our quick, secure, easy to use platform for intelligent case management

Public Safety

Deliver faster, more efficient services with Justicealign’s end-to-end integration and case management solutions, including:

  • Automated Notifications:  Notify case parties and e-process owners on case progress through automated updates
  • Online Payments: Help citizens submit case fees and recommend fee amount based on case type and defined conditions
  • Advanced Intelligent Scheduling: Work seamlessly and efficiently to organize your schedules and activities between your multiple calendars for a single source of truth


Align government services with the changing needs of citizens for an inclusive, innovative, integrated system, offering:

  • Actionable Dashboards: Analyze and gain insight with customized dashboards for quicker decision making
  • Centralized Scheduling: Configure assignment/calendar rules based on users’ workload and current schedule
  • Case Management: Create and track case progress through multiple institutions through the entire process

Social Services

A comprehensive suite of case management tools for non-profit organizations, Justicealign is designed to meet the needs of modern societies, handling:

  • Share Files: Share files easily with designated parties through roles-based content management
  • Robust Integration: Easily connect with other entities to provide a holistic case management view 
  • Machine Learning: Access and analyze rich analytics for improved decision making and advanced case management insights

JusticeAlign Benefits

User-friendly interface

Accessible across a multitude of devices, including laptops, tablets or smartphones

Integration with Case Management systems

To provide case information in real-time

Simple Content management

Instant access to all documents associated with a particular case

Interactive calendar

Easily view a list of case hearings organized by day

Real-Time Analytics

Improve productivity for agencies and investigators based on real-time data

Customizable Dashboards

Gain insights and analyze cases with completely user-customizable dashboards

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