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Assisting the future with their goals of financial freedom. Student loan counselling services

The Challenge


Student Loan Counselling Services | Loan entrance and exit counselling

It’s no secret that for many students, the investment they make into their higher education will be the largest they’ve made at this juncture in their lives. The consequences of their financial decisions will follow them as navigate through buying a car and perhaps their first home, making the role financial counselors play even more important as students navigate their way through life. Financial counselors shoulder the responsibility of assisting borrowers in making sound financial decisions that are in their best interest.

Our Solution

Speridian’s StudentAlign eases the burden for students in need of a helping hand. We aim to provide the necessary guidance and information to put our financial counselling clients on the path to success while taking their place as leaders in student loan counseling services. We make it easy for you to provide appropriate recommendations and simplify the application submission process with the following:

Application Submission Process

  • Online intake portal for easy process via web or mobile
  • Move applications through the funnel as they’re ready
  • Leverage rules-based engine to automate functions throughout the process

NSLD Loan Upload

  • Pull accurate information directly from NSLD
  • Experian Credit report integration for a 360 degree debt view
  • Easily upload an application and match with an appropriate lender

Robust Rules Engine

  • Integrated with both NSLD and Experian
  • Collected data is mined and matched with all available programs for the best match
  • Customizable based on your specific requirements

StudentAlign Benefits

Workflow Oriented

Automate functions of the application process based on rules defined by you to shorten the cycle


Campaign Management

Target prospects with specific programs that are applicable to them

Complete Budget Assistance

Provide guidance to students on achieving financial freedom based on their specific goals and needs


Holistic Approach

We empower you with the tools to view each case holistically to make the right recommendation

Federal and Private

Search for the best program available in both the federal and private networks


With NSLD and Experian integration your counselors are provided with a 360 degree view

Get Started.

Together, we can help your business grow with our industry leading technology solutions and services.