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Field Service Management Software Solution
for the Medical Device Industry

Streamlined Field Operations – Digitization & Regulatory Compliance


In today’s world, the sale is only a small portion of the revenue you drive from your customer. It’s all about building an ongoing customer relationship with multiple sources of revenue. But medical device manufacturers make complex products that can’t be fixed with just a phone call. Small errors can make service performance plummet — and costs skyrocket. Managing technicians in the field across disconnected processes can create a fragmented experience for customers, leading to low customer satisfaction and, eventually, to lost customers. This is why field service matters more today than ever before.


Field Technicians are at the operational center of every Medical Devices manufacturer: From installing & maintaining costly equipment through to inspecting & repairing devices where incidents have been reported.  Medical Device manufacturers are facing questions like the following every day:

  • Does the installation site meet all the necessary prerequisites?  Are all the required parts in stock and onsite?
  • Is the asset under warranty?  Does the customer have extended warranty insurance?  Can we provide customers with warranty insurance and service quotes in real-time?
  • Being confronted with 100s of forms and test protocols, have our Field Technician completed all the necessary paperwork, and do we have a complete audit trail in line with FDA regulations & stipulations?
  • Has the repair been conducted correctly?  Have all the necessary tests been conducted in line with FDA requirements?
  • Can we gain efficiency in scheduling part orders and Field Technicians with the right qualifications to carry out required work?
  • How can Field Technicians be given access to device-specific Manuals, Troubleshooting Protocols, and Incident Reporting tools digitally within in the confines of their work environment (e.g. online/offline in hospitals)
  • How can we link Field Service Operations into ERP, CRM, etc.
  • How can metrics and management reporting be consolidated into a single reporting repository?

Speridian Solution

Industry leaders Oracle and Speridian have joined forces to combine an end-to-end Field Service Management Software Solution for the Medical Device Industry:

Digital Forms


Mobility Tools Warranty

Inspections Management

Knowledge Management

Key Benefits

We help organizations report into a single Integrated Field Services platform helping Medical Device Manufacturers:

Comply with FDA

Reduce administrative overheads
and paperwork

Streamline Field Technician

Run effective Warranty Management 
fully integrated into ERP

Create a unified Analytics
and Reporting platform

Field Service Management INSIGHTS

7 Tips for Improving Your Medical Device Field Operations in 2021
7 Tips for Improving Your Medical Device Field Operations in 2021

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Field Service Management &
Automation solution