LOS Evolution in Pandemic 2nd Wave
Panel Discussion

Speridian April 22 03:00 pm (IST)

The Finance Industry is now shifting its focus on Customer engagement & Satisfaction with the elements of design & delivery that fulfils customers’ expectations first.

Lenders today are struggling to stay ahead of the rapid pace of change. Manual loan origination systems are no longer effective and often lead to inefficiencies and expensive errors. The Covid 19 pandemic has worsened the scenario and have made lenders to rethink their LOS strategies.

A good LOS will help a lender setup workflow to process, automate the origination and approval of loans, offering the lenders the simplicity, security, and scalability that they have been longing for.

Join us for the panel discussion on “LOS Evolution in Pandemic 2nd Wave”, where we proactively and passionately produce you the factors behind the evolving landscape of lending & the role of digital transformation.

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