In public benefits program management, accuracy and efficiency while processing applications are paramount. Speridian Technologies is proud to introduce a transformative solution: CaseXellence, particularly the HealthCX module within CaseXellence.

CaseXellence brings you an innovative Integrated Eligibility Management module within HealthCX. It is designed to revolutionize how state governments and agencies process applications for assistance programs. With real-time and seamless integration with various federal and state data sources, this module enhances accuracy and efficiency in public benefits program management.

The Integrated Eligibility Management Module – A Revolutionary Approach

CaseXellence’s innovative Integrated Eligibility Management module offers a comprehensive solution that integrates real-time data validation with seamless access to various federal and state data sources. This integration is critical in streamlining the eligibility verification process, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of public benefits program management. This module’s core feature is the ability to provide a 360-degree view of applicants across all programs and applications. By establishing tools and processes for creating a Master Person Index (MPI), the module enables agencies to track all client activities in a single view, facilitating a person-centric approach to service delivery. Using a case management platform like CaseXellence allows for easier referral to additional programs without the need for reapplication and significantly enhances the quality of service provision.

Core Features of Integrated Eligibility Management

  • Comprehensive View of Applicants: The module provides an all-encompassing perspective on applicants, enabling a more informed and holistic approach to eligibility determination.
  • Real-time Applicant Verification: Leveraging prebuilt integrations with various data sources, the system ensures immediate verification of applicant data, thus speeding up the verification process and reducing errors.
  • Instant Clearance Reporting: Validation results are instantly available in the case management system, expediting application processing and improving turnaround times.
  • Enhanced Case Integrity and Efficiency: The real-time validation process on the CaseXellence platform bolsters case integrity and significantly boosts administrative efficiency, ensuring a smoother experience for staff and applicants.

Benefits of Integrated Eligibility Management

  • Accuracy and Speed: The module ensures the accuracy of applicant data and expedites processing times through real-time verification, providing a swift and reliable verification process.
  • Improved Case Integrity: With enhanced identity verification and real-time data validation, the system ensures the legitimacy of applications, thereby improving case integrity.
  • Seamless Application Across Multiple Assistance Programs: Designed with versatility in mind, the Integrated Eligibility Management module can be applied seamlessly across various assistance programs, including TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, and HEAP.
  • Reduced Errors: By cross-verifying applicant information with multiple data sources, the system minimizes the potential for errors and discrepancies, ensuring a more reliable process.
  • Administrative Efficiency: The streamlined processes introduced by the module significantly relieve the administrative burden, allowing agencies to focus more on delivering quality services to those in need.


CaseXellence‘s HealthCX module represents a significant leap forward in managing and delivering public benefits programs. By harnessing the power of real-time data integration and validation, the module offers unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and integrity in eligibility verification processes. The CaseXellence platform enhances applicants’ experience and ensures that agencies can deliver services more effectively and efficiently. As we move forward, adopting such innovative solutions will be crucial in ensuring that welfare programs are accessible, reliable, and responsive to the needs of those they serve.

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