Investing in the right application is a fundamental step towards empowering your organization to be successful. With robust tools that facilitate productivity and efficiency, you will find an impressive return on investment when it matters the most. Here are some of the must-have applications that should comprise your legal case management software user interface:

Built-In Calendar

Legal case management software with integrated online calendar tools can help professionals easily organize their tasks, appointments, and goals in an easy-to-view format that streamlines the entire organization’s activities. Furthermore, users can edit and share digital agendas with colleagues inside and outside their business through Microsoft Outlook or Google integrations. By being able to utilize legal calendar software, organizations increase productivity while simplifying communication processes across teams.

To-Dos and Tickler System

Our short-term memory is limited, only allowing us to remember seven pieces of information for roughly 30 seconds. Thus, if you have more than 7 tasks, it could be hard to track them all. One simple yet effective way to stay organized is by making lists. You can even take advantage of legal case management software which allows users to take notes not just for the whole case but also for individual user tasks as well. A great feature when selecting a software platform would be one that includes robust notification and tickler systems; having both within a single legal case management platform makes juggling multiple tasks simpler and easier.

Complete Document Storage and Management

To keep up with the demands of your daily workload, the archaic style of document storage using file folders on desktops and network drives needs to be retired. Legal software now gives you easy access to a fully functional document management system within its application. With it, each case/matter and the creator’s documents can be stored conveniently in one place for anyone’s reference at any time. With a document management feature, you can store and catalog any file type – such as Microsoft Office documents, Outlook emails, .pdfs, and images. This ensures that nothing is unaccounted for; offering a comprehensive knowledge base of all relevant data accessible from anywhere at any time.

Integrated Time-Tracking Mechanism

Accurate timesheets are essential for billing your time and creating transparency and trust with colleagues. Legal technology offers a revolutionary way to accurately track time through the use of an auto-timer. During the day you can automatically capture data which can easily then be converted into accurate time slips at any given moment. When working within the system, capturing time directly from UI items such as a calendar, phone logs, and more is easy. This makes entering your time quick and effortless.

Expense Reporting and Tracking

Accurately recording your expenses is an integral part of effective practice management, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by tracking them as you incur them. Legal software can come in handy here because it helps attach case-related expenditures directly to their corresponding matter – all thanks to built-in expense monitoring features. In addition to timekeeping, these solutions make it easy for attorneys and legal staff alike to keep a vigilant eye on expenditures. With just a few clicks in the user interface, you can easily enter any expenditure such as research fees, records fees, copying, or outside counsel costs. From there on out, expenses can be reviewed and approved for payment while keeping an ongoing record of all spending stored directly into the platform.


When the facts of a case don’t necessarily require an entire document, you can easily jot down key details in note panes throughout your legal software’s user interface. Not only are these notes beneficial for keeping track of information that may otherwise be forgotten, but they also have alert capabilities so that upon opening a file, you’re reminded which tasks need to be completed.

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Quit wasting time with tedious and inefficient systems that overwhelm you with slow task processing, unreliable data, and errors. Your valuable resources should be used to their fullest potential – a software platform like CaseXellence is an ideal solution. It provides a simple user interface that enables users to quickly learn how the system works, allowing for impressive boosts in productivity almost overnight. Not only will you save time but its intuitive design also increases flexibility and responsiveness; ensuring maximum efficiency when completing tasks.

Speridian Technologies is a premier innovator in providing government entities with state-of-the-art case management solutions. Our CaseXellence platform, designed specifically for organizations that require superior case management services, offers powerful features that  gives an advantage over other platforms in the market. By utilizing innovative technology, CaseXellence offers unparalleled case management systems that are perfect for industries like law, finance, and child support services. Fusing their operations with our extensive system allows organizations to gain unprecedented control regardless of sector or domain.

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