A leading Loan Servicing company with over $36 billion in managed assets and 1.7 million customers operates in a highly regulated environment as an investment grade issuer with diversified funding channels. The company is based on a 4-pillar approach: Efficiency, Ease of Doing Business, Loyalty, and Integrated Products.

With a wide range of on-premise and Cloud technologies, the company wished to embark on a Digital Process Automation (DPA) initiative across all of its U.S. operations, including Servicing, Accounting, Compliance, Legal and IT.


The client partnered with Speridian Technologies to implement its DPA effort and selected UiPath, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Policy Automation, and Salesforce technologies.

Leveraging its RapidROITM approach, Speridian used a proprietary toolset for DPA/RPA data collection, automatically scoring and categorizing each process for applicability using client defined weighted scores. The tool also calculated the Cost per Process, Total Cost, Time to Deliver, and Return, along with a number of other metrics.

Speridian, along with the client’s own Center of Excellence (COE) executive, analyzed over 500 processes in 6 weeks to produce an RPA roadmap for 2019. From the results, the auto finance company selected its top 30 processes for implementation this year.

The four processes were over 60% automated, saving an annualized net benefit of over $1M/annum.

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