The Financial world faces numerous challenges.  Fierce competition, inefficient operations, and expensive support processes can make it seem like a bank is running in place.  With a long association with the Financial industry, Speridian is familiar with these challenges and has developed a broad suite of solutions to address them. Technology-based solutions such as creating an appealing and efficient front end, automating processes, and real time reporting can revolutionize a business.  Doing so allows the bank to focus on customers and growth rather than day-to-day operations, which is a win for the community at large.

Our expertise at a glance

For Scheduled Commercial Banks (Public/Private Sector)
Loan Collection and recovery management tool
Legal work flow automation solutions (DRT, SARFAESI….)
OTS solutions
BI and Analytics Solution
Third party collection engagement solution
Agency banking solutions
Digital banking solution
For NBFC and Micro finance institutions
Loan Origination system
Core Lending Solution
Overdue Follow-up and collection Management system
Loan collection and NPA Mitigation Tool
Mobile Application solutions
BI and Analytics Solution
For Co-operative Banks/ Credit unions
Core banking Solution
Loan originations systems
Loan collection management and Recovery tool
Agency Banking
Mobile banking
Internet Banking
BI and Analytics Solution
Digital banking solutions

Our Financial Services

Core Banking

Core Banking is a browser-based application with an emphasis on ease of use and reliability.  It’s flexibility and breadth of function allows banks to focus their attention on providing an exceptional customer experience while managing costs.
  • Substantially reduce the amount of time required by Tellers
  • Scheduled and automated processes
  • Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance reporting
  • Improved business oversight
  • Improved customer experience
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Financial Inclusion

Speridian offers a cutting-edge suite of tools to address Financial Inclusion and Business Correspondent interaction.  These innovative offerings serve as a bridge between the banking community and potential clients.
  • Enables greater financial inclusion
  • Increase the spread and share of risk return during lending
  • Strengthens a bank’s loan portfolio
  • Improve a bank’s recovery position
  • Facilitates cost effective outreach
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Banking Analytics

Speridian offers advanced Business Analytics software designed to analyze, monitor, and enhance business performance while maximizing profitability. It seamlessly addresses all decision and support points, enabling each staff member to make the best decisions.
  • Easy access to valuable data from their core systems
  • Tools that make it easy to spot, gather, and understand critical data and trends
  • Powerful and easy to use reporting functionality
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved understanding of business trends and dynamics
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Risk Management and Recovery

Speridian offers an all-inclusive Credit-Risk Management solution, compatible with all CBS software. This specialized software helps Banks identify delinquency prone loans early in the process, assist in recovery, and manage Non-Performing Assets.
  • Identification of possible loan defaults in advance, allowing banks to closely monitor performance before becomes delinquent
  • Provides easy to use, rich data set for ready analysis
  • Utilizes conformed platforms that assist in recovery of delinquent loans.
  • Facilitates maximum lending capacity by minimizing Non-Performing Assets
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Cashless Banking

Cashless Banking provides bank customers with the ability to conveniently manage their accounts through an easy to use mobile application.  This intuitive interface allows users to transfer funds, pay bills, and stay informed, all with 24×7 access.
  • A single, easy to use platform for Payments and account status information
  • Provides customizable mobile alerts
  • Designed to be easily customizable
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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Channel Banking

Speridian’s Beacon – Agency Banking or Business Correspondent Solution works as an intermediary between Banks and Business Correspondents.  It significantly improves outreach to underserved areas by allowing mobile access from any area.  Rich in features, easy to use, and designed with security in mind, it is available 24×7 to service customers.
  • A single, easy to use, multilingual interface
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Supports outreach in remote or underserved areas
  • Low support costs make growth affordable
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Speridian Advantage

Deep operational and integration experience across financial services

Modernize operational processes and applications for increased agility

Cash in on reduced infrastructure and operational costs

Best of breed solutions built specifically for financial institutions

Strengthen regulatory compliance efforts and improve application security

Banking and financial services in Action


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Speridian builds CRM solution to bring sophisticated digital function to UAE banks

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