The Challenges

As the need for online capacity for schools and colleges rapidly expands, IT solutions that help learning institutions digitize their teaching methods are heavily in demand.
  • Institutions must provide effective learning experiences for their students as well as manage the costs of digitizing their teaching methods.
  • Adoption of digital transformation and clouds solutions is necessary for institutions to compete in today’s marketplace.
Our Education Practice

Our Solutions

Speridian aims to improve educational institutions by meeting their various needs such as:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Customer service and support
  • Planning, Sourcing, and Supply
  • Customer Operations
  • Academic research
  • Finance
  • Student analytics
  • Human resources
  • Business operations

Speridian solutions provide these benefits by focusing on bringing efficiency and automation to the following aspects:

  • Admissions
  • Student Relationship Management
  • Alumni Relationship Management
  • Staff Management
  • Event Management
  • Guardians Portal

Components of Education Solutions

Social Platform
Faculty Social Media Feedback
Programs Social Media Follow-up
Real-time response
Oracle Marketing Cloud
Categorize marketing campaigns by effectiveness
Calculate success registration ratios for new students
Identify delays and leaks in the follow-up process
Oracle RightNow CX or Oracle Sales and Service Cloud
Academic Section
Call Center
Student Affairs
University’s portal

Simplifying the Admissions Process

Speridian aims to improve educational institutions by meeting their various needs such as:
  • Admission Counselling
  • Admission Testing & Interviews
  • Knowledge Base
  • Social Monitoring
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Student Relationship Management

  1. Student Relationship Management
    1. Student Portal
    2. Raise Queries
    3. Latest information – policies & announcements
    4. Fee payment
    5. Download Transcripts
    6. Class schedules
  2. Query Management
    1. Submission of queries and requests
    2. Automatic assignment to departments
    3. Check resolution status
  3. Attendance & leave management
    1. Enable to access attendance
    2. Enable to submit leave requests
  4. Payment
    1. Check Fees Payment Plan
    2. Check any other pending payments
    3. Online Payment
    4. Payment History
  5. Mass Communication
    1. Enable University to segment student groups and send mass communications to targeted student segments
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Alumni Relationship Management

  1.  Alumni portal
    1. Latest information
    2.  Raise queries and requests
  2. Alumni queries
    1. Query automation
    2. Assignment & resolution
  3.  Alumni outreach
    1.  Send campaigns & invites
    2.  E.g. event mailers, campus placement requests etc.



Task Management by Staff

  • Faculty
    1. Class schedules
    2. Leaves & substitution
    3. Faculty performance
    4. Faculty load management
  1. HR
    1. Policy management
    2. Escalation management
  2. Admin
    1. Administrative task management
  3. Others
    1. Leave management
    2. Task Management

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Task Management

education case study
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Guardian’s Portal

  • Raise Queries
  • Track their ward’s performance
  • Interact with Faculty
  • Make online payments


Product Benefits

Reductions in Admission Leakage

Improved Compliance Adherence

Staff Performance Measurement and Analytics


Simplified Planning & Preparation for Next Season

Better-Informed Students via Student Portal

One-stop-shop for entire student interaction

Student History

Department-specific Performance Measurement

Enhanced Student Satisfaction

Alumni Experience that in-turn promotes the brand


Increased campus placements

Broaden the Alumni Reach

Education sector Practice in Action


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