Salesforce CRM software helps you with improving sales whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business looking to prove itself in  your industry. According to Gartner, Salesforce became the leading CRM software market in 2017. Its upward trend has continued with the market expected to hit a breathtaking 58% of $33 Billion by 2025.

Salesforce CRM can make a significant contribution to the fundamental goal of every company: increasing sales and growing revenue.

What is Salesforce CRM?

A CRM assists you with managing leads as well as providing deep insight into your sales pipeline. The Salesforce CRM modules help you expand the customer journey by building customer relationships, executing strategies to retain customers, and driving growth with sales.

Key Features of Salesforce CRM

A few of the features CRM provides include:

  • Lead Management 
  • Account Management 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Centrally Managed Repository 
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Pipeline Management, Sales Planning, Tracking, and Analysis tools

Here are some ways Salesforce CRM software enhances your sales pitch:

Collaboration and communication within departments

Salesforce CRM serves as the central hub of data for different departments. When integrated with your business and management applications, data is centralized for every department. Profits will increase as you gain more financial insight into sales, maximize productivity, and serve customers better.

Connect with prospects by utilizing built-in engagement tools

Social commerce has become an increasingly significant feature of any successful marketing strategy. Communicating with prospects on social media platforms allows your team to maintain trust and rapport with leads, which helps to improve your sales pitch. CRM software can help increase revenue by leveraging established customer relationships using engagement toolkits.

Shorten the sales lifecycle

Monitoring customer relationships and sales opportunities are easier to see with Salesforce CRM. You can view the sales pipeline and adapt a sales pitch with the most up-to-date information. A CRM provides workflows for a number of functions, including lead follow-up, field modifying, as well as bringing in new leads. As a result, sales representatives can not only close deals more quickly, but also shorten the sales process. 

Predict purchasing habits

Salesforce CRM software goes beyond bar charts and reporting tools. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can evaluate your sales, monitor performance, and predict how customer purchase behavior might shift over time. Advanced analytics helps you concentrate your efforts on opportunities that are most likely to lead to a purchase, allocate resources efficiently, and identify customer churn before it can impact the company.

Access to Mobile Devices

CRM apps allow mobile access, which is a substantial advantage that makes it possible for your team to achieve sales targets. Mobile tools allow a remote connection that best suits your operating procedures without reducing productivity.


Salesforce CRM can be incredibly beneficial to your sales model if you start taking advantage of this user-friendly software. CRM tools can help you gain insight into the sales pipeline and customer engagement, and what needs to be changed to obtain better sales performance.

Speridian is a certified Salesforce consulting partner. Speridian’s proven CRM approach to offers a unique combination of specialized horizontal services along with vertical expertise, innovation, and solutions. Our experienced team provides managed services and Salesforce development services to optimize the Salesforce platform for your sales team. 

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